Random Top Ten Fiction


Big Mak had an interesting concept to take the song titles from the Friday random top tens and use them to create a story. Last week, I created one using E-6s list. This week, I'm using my own random top 10 from last Friday. let me know what you think.

I had an uncontrollable urge to call my dad as soon as I knew the decision. He had been let down so many times before, by me mostly, he deserved to hear it straight. As his phone rang I choked back the nausea and tried to figure out what to say.

Hello? He obviously knew it was me in the other end of the line. "Hold on to yourself, I finally got the news." He was silent then said "Give it to me straight, no chaser." I tried to delay "well you know accidents will happen." We was having none of it, "I said give it to me straight!" I really wanted to hang up right then and there but couldn't. "You guessed it, I'm pregnant and it's Levi's.

"Goddamn it Bristol, you know this is going to kill your ma's career! How could you do that right now?" I thought back to mom when she would fight with dad and scream at him "your heart is an empty room." I knew exactly what she meant. "Couldn't we just for once not think about mom and her political career? "What about me? I was hoping for some sort of life that consisted of more than just a series of curtain calls in front of pasty old white men so that mom's could win a few more votes."

"What does Levi have to say about this?" dad asked, the name barely dripping off his lips. "Well I'm going to marry him, I'll be his wife" I asserted proudly. "And when I say wife, I mean that. We're in love and he supports me and the decision to keep the baby." "Bristol honey", he was trying to be sweet but it came out sinister, "run, run, run away from Levi. He's just a stupid hockey puck with no future. He may be the father but he's no dad and he certainly won't be a husband."

Well dad, I disagree. As long as I can see the light I'm going to assume it's the end of the tunnel and not a train, and besides..." Just then I heard some commotion in the background, mom was home. "Who ya talkin' to on the phone Todd?" Dad covered; "oh just some guy from the race, say babe we gotta talk." He whispered into the receiver, "come over a little later, I'll try to soften her up for you" and then he hung up.


I was thinking about making the stories into their own post as well, you beat me to the punch.

This was real nice. You had some challenging song titles in your 10, but they all worked in the story.

I'm enjoying this exercise, fellas. One of these days I'll take a crack at it.

(I'm thinking cheaptoy's list...)

Yikes, Cheaptoys list? You have to go to that deep dark place in your heart to write something with Cheaptoys list. You know that place you never enter because its just too dark and dreary. Like that feeling you get in your gut when Ayala comes in from the bullpen. That place.

Valhalla I am coming!

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