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We went to see Star Trek last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a movie franchise reboot it hit all it markers: Interesting and compelling story for those not familiar with the back story? Check. Enough homage to previous efforts to not offend the long time fans? Check. Fun experience so that the audience is wanting more in the future? Check. The movie scored in all three aspects and ended up being a fun, summertime sci-fi flick.

Special effects were great as The Enteprise’s exterior was lovingly recreated while the interior was definitely updated for modern sensibilities. Uniforms were the familiar gold, blue, and red, while other accoutrements such as phasers were similar to old style phasers in design but updated to a look cool in the screen.

What I think most long-time fans will like is how well the characters that are so well-known and loved come across the screen. I was surprised how emotional it all was seeing Bones, Scotty, Spock et al back to being young again. Unfortunately we’ve seen these characters get old and pudgy, it was nice to seem them young and spry once again. Also the story gives the viewer a sense of how these characters came to be such a kick-ass crew. How could they not love each other and work so well together after their original baptism by fire. I can watch Star Trek “Origins” and totally believe every thing I saw in the original television series.

Was it a perfect movie? Of course not. Relying on time travel to explain away plot contrivances is a staple of sci-fi which can be a pain, no difference here. Plus I could have used a different villain, but that’s just picking nits.

Overall a fun movie-going experience, much needed in the Star Trek genre after the slow and steady decline of the franchise and one I look forward to see future chapters.


I thought the casting was great. The dude who played Bones was spot on. My son and I watched this movie on Friday, and we both just loved it. First Trek movie in a while I have enjoyed.

Really liked the movie. It was a lot of fun to watch. Much better than when we saw 'Wolverine' the weekend before.

I'm pretty sure my wife liked it too, judging by the giggles and the number of times I got punched in the arm throughout.

E-6, is that the real life comic book store owner from the Simpsons?

Can you believe it's the same actor that played McCoy was Eomer in LOTR?

My 13 year old liked Wolverine better than Star Trek, however Wolverine was right in his wheelhouse. The end of Wolverine sounded pretty insane and I'll probably check it out on DVD.

I loved when JT Kirk steal the car early in the show and "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys is cranked in the background... awesome.

The "space dive" to the drill platform was supercool, if not totally unrealistic too!

i am a huge star trek fan i watch them all every day. i wanna say that Chris pine and the guy that plays Spock are really on the role. bones is the coolest. (HA HA) well any ways i hope you make a part two to star trek. Chris pine, the 2 dudes that play Spock and bones are the best. you chose a great character to play MR. sulu and Mr. Checkov.



I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This looks absolutely perfect.

Es ist ein Toller Beitrag der mir sehr geholfen hat ich werde euren Blog und auch den Beitrag empfehlen.


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