Thursday is Bike/Walk to Work Day



Tomorrow is Bike/Walk/Ride to work day and I encourage all to partake somehow. During warm weather I bike to work a lot and love it! It's a relatively easy 6.5 miles one way with about 4 miles on dedicated bike trails. There are two highlights to my ride. On a beautiful sunny morning there is nothing like crossing the Mississippi River at 7:15a -- downtown on my left, the U of M campus on my right. The other is on my way home when I cross over I-94 and it is blocked up for miles with traffic. I just laugh my ass off as I stream over the traffic with some music blaring over my i-pod.

Where ever you live you will find it easy to find a dedicated bike trail to get you to your place of work. Furthermore for Thursday's festivities there are plenty of freebies available. Click Here to find out where you can pick up a free breakfast or happy hour.

See you on the trails!


Dang it was cold today with a brisk wind. Had coffee and a banana with the Mayor at the Freewheel co-op on the Greenway. I think the wind may have reduced the number of bikers.

Biking is very good all around. Better for the environment, better for your body, and better for your mind. I learn more about my city (Toronto) by biking around instead of driving. I take safe routes that I'd never otherwise take by car, and I like it a lot.

Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!


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