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Tour of Target Field


Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a personal tour of Target Field. The ballpark is wonderful and I think people are going to be stunned when they walk into the ballpark for the first time. Seats on the 3rd baseline are going to be of a premium I think. Jeff T. of What Jeff Thinks has his thoughts here and I concur fully. Rick from Twins Ballpark 2010 was there and I know will have thoughts too. Of course Shane of Greet Machine has a nice review too. So I won't go into a big review, go to those sites to find out more about our tour.

I did want to talk about the fact that I have no pictures with this post. The Twins have a no picture policy and Rick has even run into problems trying to take pictures of the exterior from public places outside the ballpark. No surprise but I think the Twins are way out of line with their no pictures policy. Pictures by others create excitement for the ballpark that official pronouncements just can't match. Sure the Twins can't completely control the message but the they are missing out on the fact that the images are the message and the images are fantastic.

As comparison look at what the University is doing with TCF Bank stadium. There is no prohibition of photos, in fact they are encouraged. Goldy has a facebook page with 100's of pics from all over the stadium. Like Target Field, there are tours everyday and pictures are encouraged. Official and unofficial Youtube videos of the interior garner 1000's of views. They aren't just exteriors but also photos of areas that most people will never ever see, like the locker room and suites. I'll never be in that locker room but it sure is impressive and makes me excited for that stadium. Now of course I understand the University has a different mission and the photos play a role in recruiting as well. I get that, but there is no concern from the Athletics Department about controlling the message about the stadium, or saving some "aha moments" (and believe me the Athletics Department is very concerned about it's image, they are control freaks about that stadium).

Finally I think it's just great P.R. for the Twins. The ballpark was controversial to say the least and I don't think people understand how much more the Twins have put into the ballpark, how cool a facility this will be. By showing what the citizens are getting, what they are paying for, the Twins can only garner good P.R. Remember the images are the message and there are some great images at Target Field.

So no pics of my tour. But no worries. Next week is Construction Week at LAFD and I plan to take pics of the ballpark exterior, along with pics of TCF Bank Stadium and the University's Science Teaching + Student Services building. It should be fun.


And here I'd thought you left your lens-cap on...

Free - the whole time we were on that tour, I didn't realize we were with Rick from Ballpark 2010. I would have made a horrible detective.

You guys better plan on doing a lot of talking tomorrow. I expect VERY detailed descriptions after not being able to join you on that tour!

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