NBA Draft Day


Today's the NBA Draft and without Kevin McHale at the helm, Wolves fan(s) are excited that an epic Taylor Hainsborough and $1 million dollar for Kevin Love deal is very unlikely.

With four number 1 picks (including #5 and #6) and a new GM who has promised to bring some excitement to the local NBA franchise, there is actual Draft anticipation and not dread out there. Now of course, in typical T-wolves fashion, they own 4 picks in a draft that by all accounts is considered weak.

The Strib's Wolves beat guy is tweeting the draft goings on and says that the Wolves are working all trade and pick scenarios hard so I am guessing we won't know the entire outcome of the draft until close to midnight. So when the dust settles on the 2009 NBA draft, here are my hopes and dreams and fears (ht Canis Hoopus).

Rubio and Harden
Curry and Harden

Either Rubio or Curry
Ty Lawson at 18
Harden and Flynn

Evans and Flynn
Any scenario that trades #5 or #6 and Kevin Love to get to #2

I really like Rubio because I think he could bring a level of excitement to Target Center. They aren't going to win a lot of games anyway so let's have some fun while we're losing. Curry is in the same level, but without as much buzz. Combine one of those and add Harden. That would be awesome.

Wolves please stay away from Thabeet. Sure you can't teach size, but I just don't see him as being tough enough to be an NBA inside player. And what the heck, if we can get Hainsborough with the 28th pick, I wouldn't even cringe.

What do you think, what should the Wolves do? What will this team look like tomorrow?


Ooh Rubio and Flynn. Man they could have had Curry. I'm o.k. with this, but man Curry is sitting right there.

Ty Lawson! Three PGs, obviously trades are coming.

Rubio and Curry would've been a homerun.

Curious to see what shakes out in the trading front, now.

What E, you don't think three rookie PGs will cut it in the NBA? Have you know faith in David McKahn?

I'm not seeing it with Curry. Won't even be as good as his dad. He'll get smothered, won't be able to get his shots off, and be out of the league in less than five years.

Mark it down. Lawson is going to be a perennial All-Star.

m not seeing it with Curry

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