Replacements at U of MN Great Hall -- Spring 1984



This is really a test of the new slide show feature of LFAD. I took these pictures over 25 years ago (!!!) from a Replacements show at the U of MN Great Hall. I believe it was April or May of 1984. Enjoy and let me know how well the slide show worked.


Nice slideshow, Free! I look forward to seeing more of these!

Very cool. Seems so long ago....

I was there!

Uh, George? It was.


George and E, you hit it on the head. Just think at that Replacements show, if someone pulled out concert pics of Little Richard or Bo Diddley performing in 1959. That would be the same time frame.

E, sorry I don't have a lot of crowd shots, maybe we could have seen your younger self.

Very cool.

Nice shot of the back of my head in one of them.

Anybody remember who opened that show?

Hey Jeff, I thought I could find out who opened by looking at old Daily Archives. I couldn't but check out who was playing in the Twin Cities the first week of April 1984:

Husker Du
Jason and the Scorchers
The Band
Roger McGuinn
George Clinton
Fabulous Thunderbirds

All either at First Ave, the Entry, Caboose, or Duffys.

Wow! What a musical week.

O.k. Jeff I found a Replacements concert at the Great Hall on Feb 15, 1985! I can't believe I was a year off, memories. I'm going to double check because I swear it was 1984. However, I also found out that the Violent Femmes played the Great Hall in April of 1984 and I was at that show too. Maybe that's the date I was thinking of.

Anyway, the band that opened for the Replacements at the Great Hall in February of 1985: The Tete Noire. rel="nofollow">Têtes Noires? Wow, that's a strange choice. I honestly don't remember. I was likely dragging on a Camel cigarette (you know--the ones with the funny hump in the middle) and chasing it with a can of cheap beer in a nearby car. I was classy, that way.

Oops. Link:

That was a hell of a week. I seem to remember more than of few of them like that. What to see-what to see? Often it was most of it...


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