Spring Sports Roundup



It’s June which means finally we transition from Hockey and Basketball Playoffs to full bore Baseball some thoughts as it stays light to nearly 10:00 here in the northland.

Stanley Cup. I was disappointed that Boston or Washington didn’t get to the finals but a Detroit-Pittsburgh finals is a lot of fun too. Detroit just has too many tools, but if Crosby and Malkin turn it up a notch, it could get wild. With a 2-1 lead, I see the Red Wings winning in 6 games. I will definitely be tuning in.

NBA Finals. Yawn. Of course everyone wanted Kobe v. Lebron. Instead we got a bunch of no-names w/Dwight Howard against the Lakers. No way Howard dominates the paint like he did against Cavs. Lakers in 5. I won’t be watching.

Twins. Even though Mauer and Morneau had monster Mays (nice alliteration), the Twins were still under .500. Basically the bottom of the line-up is wretched with Punto, Delmon Young, Buscher, Tolbert, and now Casilla contributing nothing at the plate. Combine that with Baker and Liariano disappointing every outing, the Twins are struggling. Thankfully June brings lots of games against the AAAA National League so I expect a winning month. The highlight will be our trip to Wrigley to see the Twins-Cubs next week. The rest of MLB season has been pretty pedestrian. It looks like 87 wins will win the AL central.

Also Gardy is coming around as a manager. Mauer batting second, Nathan pitching in the 8th in key situtations instead of Crain, Gomez getting more playing time over Young because of his glove. These are changes bloggers have been pointing out for months. Gardy may be slow but he does eventually get it.

Soccer. U.S. gets ripped 3-1 in Costa Rica. We are now 0-7 at that crazy stadium in Costa Rica. Somehow I just don’t think the U.S. is still ready for the world stage. When will it be?

Golf, NASCAR, Tennis. Huh?


As a Seattle-ite stinging from the loss of the Supersonics I wish the NBA only the very worst. May David Stern burn in a lake of fire for eternity. Sound the alarm if you see that smarmy little weasel nosing about your franchise.

Oh ... and I hope the Penguins at least put up a respectable fight ...

Free - Delmon Young is killing me. I think I have to write a post about it.....

i keep holding my breath.

Give me everything tonight.


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