1100 Days


I missed noting the three year anniversary of LFAD this past Sunday July 19th so consider this post a celebration of 1100 days of spot-on analysis, probing insight, and woeful laments of early 21st Century life. I am especially proud of my recent Erin Andrews essay w/accompanying photo links. Actually three years is a long time in the blogosphere and by some accounts 95 percent of all the blogs that were started since I put down a stake in this section of cyberspace are now abandoned. You know what else is interesting? Blogosphere was not noted as a mis-spelled word when I typed it.

So with 1100 days under my belt here are a couple of thoughts on what's going on.

Bike Riding. On my way home from work later today I will cross the 600 mark on bike miles ridden since mid-April. This Saturday, if the weather cooperates, I am going to ride along the Wisconsin side of Lake Pepin. The miles won't be the much but there are some killer hills on that route. A month from now I am still planning to ride 110 miles to Siren, Wisconsin.

Twins. Ack! When your big move is calling up Jesse Crain... The Twins have three superstars and still are a middling team. A starting pitcher, 2nd basemen, and 8th inning guy are desperately needed.

Music. Besides the previously discussed Charlie Pickett and Wilco discs, I have really been grooving on the new Dinosaur Jr. release Farm. It definitely rocks and feels like those guys never left the stage. I hope J. Mascus and Lou Barlow make music together for many many years.

Books. I've had a dreadful book reading spring and summer with two wretched boring books on the black plague and English-U.S. relations since 1640. I am back on the saddle, however, with the very funny Bill Bryson book about walking on the Appalachian Trail.

Finally this site has been getting hammered by the spambots and I am trying to keep ahead of them by deleting their comments. I may have to get stronger filters on the comments section so if your comment doesn't show up, it may have been trapped. Send me a private e-mail if you don't see your comments.


Congrats Free! 3 years is quite an accomplishment for a blogger. Most people usually fizzle out after two years.

Say, when are you going to post some brickhouse pictures at brickhouse.lib.umn.edu? I'm waiting patiently!

Shane, those pics are at my parents house so I have to go over there some day and then root through their vast collection of photos. Don' worry I will get them up someday!!

Now, when is U-think going to do something about the Spambots? It seems worse with Movable Type 4.x

Congrats, fa.

What? No cake?

Cheers to 3 years.

Congratulations on 3 years for LFAD, Free! I, too, am especially proud of your Erin Andrews post!

By the way, Jesse Crain has already made his mark on the Twins since returning from AAA. Way to go Jesse.

Congrats, Free! Three years is about three years longer than I would have lasted with a blog. :-D

hen is U-think going to do something about the Spambots? It seems worse with Movable Type 4.x

I will get them up someday!!

Now, when is U-think going to do something about the Spambots? It seems worse with Movable Type 4.x

3 years worth of musings, you deserve a celebration or something. You mentioned something about books there, and I feel the titles could lull me to sleep. But, if I may recommend some titles from Kenzaburo Oe, as well as that strange/weird/funny novel from Michael A. Stusser is really great. Fairly light, but a fun read all the same.

More power to your blog!

Congrats for your blogoversary! I remember the coining of that term, it sounds kind of weird even now.

I'm big on outdoorsports myself so I like bikeriding as well. It's one of the few pleasures in life. Music is also terribly nice. I'm into classics though. Mostly soft piano tunes that lull me to sleep.

I cannot thank you enough for the article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.


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