Sarah Palin in 2012?



Recent events surrounding (former) Governor Sarah Palin reminded me of this old Far Side Cartoon.

The Dog is the Democrats
The Cat is the Republicans
Cat Fud is Sarah Palin for President in 2012 (or 2016, 2020...)


amen... man, the conservative talking heads are just lining up to praise her as I listen (and laugh) to the the radio lately. No amount of prep work is going to get her ready for 2012. They say she speaks for the "base". Really? I can listen to a lot of conservatives and find enough common ground to grant them respect.

However, Palin is like Rush in my book. She has a strong opinion on everything, that comes strictly from the gut, with zero thought to research the actual facts. She stubbornly will stick to her opinion even when credible facts tell her she is wrong. When confronted with being wrong, she will personally attack everyone on the other side of the issue and the press. That, IMO, is what the "base" really truly wants. Go ahead kitty... get your Cat Fud!

When confronted with being wrong, she will personally attack everyone on the other side of the issue and the press

And then quit. Remember she quit 4 colleges before she finally got her degree. She quit the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission after less than a year because "the experience was taking the 'oomph' out of her passion for government service and she decided to quit rather than becoming bitter."

The woman is a serial quitter.

Never underestimate the American public's willingness to cast their lot with a shallow but charming leader (the examples are too obvious and numerous to mention). That said, I think even the incredibly low bar that's been set is still a bit too high for her to get over. She comes off as too nutty. A Seattle alternative newspaper ran a photo of her on the 25th with the caption 'Crazy Governor'. On the 27th they ran the same photo with the caption 'Now Just Crazy'.

Yep, I don't think we've seen the last of her, unfortunately. I agree with Lee, America loves charming leaders. We'll just have to wait and see I guess. Nice cartoon, by the way. Had me chuckling.

I can just hear the Republican noise machine now: "Two more years! Two more years!" XD

Also, this comic demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of animal literacy. Cat's can't read.

Though, I dunno if that would make it any less relevant to Palin.


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