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Everyone is all excited that after 27 years, college football is coming back to the University of Minnesota campus with the opening less than 2 months away. The new stadium looks quite handsome and I can't wait to see a game there.

But let's not forget that the University of Minnesota had a classic football stadium for nearly 60 years right across the street where the new stadium is set to open. Fortunately University Libraries haven't forgotten and they have created a lovely archival website that looks back at "The Brickhouse" -- how it was built, who played there, as well as what a nice description of other activities that happened at Memorial Stadium (did you know there were labs in stadium?)

Since the site was created by archivists, there are tons of old pictures of the stadium, players, crowds, etc. Want to see the classic picture of Bronko Nagurski? Here it is. Want to see 1941 Heisman Trophy Winner Bruce Smith? Check out this video. Like to see stadium plans? How about the decision to move to the Metrodome and tear down the stadium? It's all there.

What I especially like is that this site is taking a web 2.0 approach allowing visitors to give their own stories and upload pictures. My family had season tickets in the 1970's and I know my parents have some pictures of the tailgating. I will definitely be adding those pictures to the site.

As with most Gopher fans I can't wait for TCF Bank Stadium to open, however with this new site, I can also go back to see what we've missed since 1981.

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Very nice, I really enjoyed it. Do you know of somewhere I can read more about it?


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