Vacation Time



I'm off on vacation. We are renting a 26 foot RV and heading toward the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and then Sleeping Bear National Park in northern part of Lower Michigan. I've never driven anything larger than a mini-van so it should be interesting. We'll get to hang with other RVers and do some hiking and relaxing.

Little blogging while I am gone but some of the place we are heading do have wi-fi so I may check in a couple of times. The comments are still a little screwy so I think I will have to approve them. If it's been a couple of days and your comment hasn't shown up, send me an e-mail. I have scheduled a random top 10 to drop on Friday, so make sure you send your random 10.

Looks like I won't have to worry about a Brett Favre decision when I am gone but it will be interesting to see if the Twins do anything at the trading deadline. Not a lot of other news looks to be coming down the pike so not a bad time to go dark.

Until next week.


That is a big RV! I wish we had thoose in Sweden.

This trip sounds awesome! I have always wanted to rent an RV and do some traveling around the United States. I love camping! Especially camping in style like your done! Best of luck to you! :)


How many gallons to the mile does it get? ;-)

Hah, about 7-8 mpg. 75 mile tank though.

Crikey, thats a monster. You say you've never driven anything bigger than a mini van? Can you drive this RV on a normal driving licence in the US?
Here in the UK you'd need at least a class 2 Heavy Goods Vehicle Licence!
But there again, over here most peoples houses are smaller than that RV, lol!

Constanta is the city with the fastest internet speed in Europe

The town hall was nothing but a performance that they are hopeing the people will believe. The lady that had kidney cancer worked for the Obamas campaign and it was the second time she was on. He acted like he never talked to her before. He is such an actor. He has a hard time talking without his telapromter. So he has to know the questions before hand so they can be put on his telapromter.


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