Avatar and the Fanboys


One movie that the fanboys have been geeked out for years now is James Cameron's Avatar. It's Cameron's first movie since Titanic and has been discussed, debated, and widely anticipated on-line for nearly 10 years. Cameron has done nothing to tamp down the discussion as he has promised eye-popping special effects and the use of I-max and 3-D technology like it's never been done in the past. He effectively delayed filming until he was comfortable that the technology was equal to the vision (or at least that's what he has said publically). Given his past track record with Terminator II and Titanic, most have been giddy with anticipation over the eye-gasm's that Avatar promised.

A release day was finally set for mid-December and 10 days ago the first trailer was made public on-line and then attached to Inglourious Basterds. Unfortunately the reaction from the fan boys was Holy Crap, that looks really lame! To be sure, the film effects look amazing. Maybe a little too CG at parts, but colors that are extremely vivid and other worldly. The problem lies with the fact that the movie itself looks like a remake of Ferngully, the Last Rainforest. Cat people and lush jungles predominate and there appears to be a strident eco-message. The movie looks like it would appeal more to 10 year old boys and girls than to a 30 year old fan boy still stuck in his teen age years. The infamous trailer is below.

Fortunately fanboys are pretty funny too and while the reaction has been overwrought, at least one person was able to capture it in this very funny spoof from the Hitler movie Downfall. Now people have been using this scene from Downfall to spoof current events for a good 18 months now (there's a nice one about Hitler's reaction to the Vikings signing Favre) but this is one of the better ones. It captures fanboy reactions to the trailer perfectly. Enjoy.

Admittedly the Avatar trailer has me a little worried too. Undoubtedly it will be amazing to see on the screen. I just hope the story can at least come close to matching the scenery. Fortunately a trailer doesn't make a movie, let's hope that James Cameron realized that amazing effect only enhance a story, it doesn't make the story. I'll be watching how this progresses as it will be a major popular culture story from here to the end of the year.


I'm having trouble mustering up interest in Avatar - usually I'll jump on the fanboy bandwagon, but I haven't had any desire to follow all the Avatar news at all. Haven't even watched the trailer.

I'll probably wait until it comes out to see what people think of the whole movie.

Big Mak, you should at least check out the trailer and the spoof above, they are very funny.


Watched the trailer and I have to admit I am intrigued. It could be really lame, but it might be worth it just for the effects.

I am a huge comic book geek and love anything science fiction/fantasy as well, so definitely going to have to do a bargain matinee on this one.

I wanted to explore more of Pandora, the home planet of the Avatars. The best way to do this is to play the game which was released a few weeks ago. I got it on a free 7 day trial. Most of the missions require you travel to other parts of the planet so your surroundings are changing all the time. You can explore areas that weren't in the movie. Or maybe you want to look around in a canyon or forest you saw in the movie.

I agree that the movie avatar has been overhyped, however it really is a spectacular movie - especially if you see it in IMAX 3D.

it is a great flick, hyped for sure but still good

Hehe its true, what made me rofl about avatar was that in the far future they still had the exact same wheel chair! Anyone else notice too? Ah, I just can't get over that lol

The Avatar is a 'Must see' movie, revolutionary, and extraordinary picture . I think it is going to be considered by the majority of cinema goers as yet another landmark in the past of the art. The degree of realism reached is extraordinary, and even though the motion picture is relatively extended in real time, it maintains it's enjoyment and holds the customers' focus to the finish. Actions are fantastic, but this may not be the kind of movie that dwells on significant celebrity worth for that actors, though Sigorney Weaver does indeed shine and offers an extremely convincing performance, as do the rest in the cast. But as there exists a great deal enjoyment and activity value on display screen the human being element doesn't dominate in the common way.

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