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The image above popped up on the Ballpark Magic site a couple of weeks ago. It is from the model of the new Twins Ballpark and is a close-up of the "signature" signage that will be located in centerfield at Target Field. This sign was a late addition to the ballpark design and I think will be an awesome feature. The supporting infrastructure for the sign is now up at the ballpark and I am guessing we will see the sign soon so I wanted to call this out.

The logo comes from when the Twins originally moved to Minnesota in 1961 and signifies the cooperation between Minneapolis and St. Paul to get a professional baseball team to the Twin Cities. It's one of those quaint 60's designs that time has been kind to. It's gone past the cheesy stage and is a now retro classic. Apparently the sign will be lit up. Unfortunately rumors that the "Twins" would shake hands animatronically whenever the Twins hit a homerun has been debunked as wishful thinking.

As you can see from the picture in this post, I love this logo and I really can't wait to see it at Target Field. I am really happy with what I am seeing at Target Field so far and think it will be a classy ballpark that will be a joy to spend a sunny summer day watching a game. Now if only the Twins could put a little more effort into developing a top notch lineup!


Excellent. That's good to hear. I'm with you, the sign looks awesome. Can't wait to get back to Minnesota.

Two reasons for this comment:

1) Love the retro sign! It will make a great addition to Target Field.

2) This comment should go through without a hitch. Crossing my fingers!

The "shaking hands logo" is one of the best in sports in my opinion. It's good to know that the Twins are incorporating some of their classic logos into the new ballpark, and not trying to come up with some new (probably hideous) look.

I hope the Vikings come to their senses pretty soon and return to their classic uniform. Right now, they look like an arena football league team.

That's awesome news. Thanks for the heads up. I can't wait to get back to Minneapolis for a game, whenever that may be.

Hey E, your Craig Finn link is busted.


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