So President Obama has a message to school children today and surprise surprise, the right wing kooks are worried that Obama is trying to corrupt their children.

Besides the fact that the President's message is fairly benign: Stay in school, work hard, you all have value -- this is just another example of how conservatives have become so shrill and functionally disconnected from issues facing real people in this country.

Unfortunately our media just eats this stuff up and brings a spotlight to folks who don't even deserve a candle. Just think if they gave as much attention to how health care costs are destroying family and workplace budgets throughout the country, how environmental degradation is causing instability throughout the entire planet... But those are complicated issues with nuance. Why try to educate the American population when all you have to do is spend time with some crazed wing nut railing about Obama turning their kids into socialists.


Free - that edumication stuff is overrated! I seen what them teachers are trying to teach our children....

We live in strange times. I read the text of the speech and it sounded innocuous to me. "Pay attention to your teachers and elders, study hard, wash your hands". Where's the harm in that?

Neither party can abide the thought of the other side doing something of value. The right does it, the left does it, and we sit in the middle and reap the results. I find it very discouraging.

I agree Stagger. The problem is that the shrill and outrageous get all the media attention and so it appears that the extreme voices speak for all of us when it fact they speak for a small sliver.

It has pretty much come down to choosing which propaganda machine you wish feed from. That's why I love it when I find a decent blog - The agendas get much smaller when the source is one person as opposed to a party, institution, corporation, etc, etc....


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