Friday Random Top 10


There are few greater ways to begin your day than riding a bike over the Mississippi River on a glorious September morning with the Ramones blaring in your ears. Let's have a Random top 10 to celebrate:

1. Look What You've Done for Me - Al Green
2. The Passion - Billy Bragg
3. I'm Bound for the Promised Land - Johnny Cash
4. Standing in the Doorway - Bob Dylan
5. Dog Treat - Tom Waits
6. Good Night - The Beatles
7. Ever Fallen in Love? - The Buzzcocks
8. Dog Door - Tom Waits
9. Sunday Sun - Beck
10. Sleep! - Big Black

Bonus: Hell is Chrome - Wilco

Wow, seven solo artists and a Tom Waits double dog shot. You just knew a Beatles tune would be in there didn't you? What's your top 10?


“Destiny” – Eric Woolfson, Freudiana
“1988 (Robert Fripp)” - Various Artists, Angels in the Architecture
“San Francisco 1906 (Excerpts)” – Synergy, The Jupiter Menace soundtrack
“The Floater” – Henry Mancini, The Music from Peter Gunn
“Never Ending Story” – Klaus Doldinger & Georgio Moroder, The Never Ending Story soundtrack
“Pipeline” – Alan Parsons Project, Ammonia Avenue
“Why Does the Sun Shine?” – They Might Be Giants, Severe Tire Damage
“America (bonus track – single)” – Yes, Close to the Edge
“Relay Breakdown” – Synergy, Electronic Realisations for an Electronic Orchestra
“A Miner” – Joe Hisaishi, Laputa: The Castle in the Sky soundtrack (Image Album)

regarding #3 & #9: we were big Synergy fans in college (still am); Synergy is Larry Fast, electronic keyboard pioneer. If you haven’t heard him as Synergy, you might have heard him playing keyboards on Peter Gabriel’s early albums & tours. His first LP Electronic Realisations is brilliant.

Ever Fallen In Love? is a great song. I still haven't had a chance to take you up on your advice about Singles Gone Steady

Kings of Leon – “I Want You” Only by the Night
Wilco – “Blue Eyed Soul” A.M.
John Mayer – “I Gonna Find Another You” Continuum
Wilco – “Poor Places” Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Interpol – “Evil” Antics
Tyree Colion – “Projects” The Wire Soundtrack
The Ramones – “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment” Ramones Mania
Jack Johnson – “Staple It Together” In Between Dreams
Wilco – “Hotel Arizona” Being There
Lenny Kravitz – “Stand By My Woman” Greatest Hits
Johnny Cash – “Mercy Seat” American Recordings

Bonus: Wilco – “New Madrid” Live at The Troubadour 11-12-96

Wilco and Johnny Cash buddies this week. Can't argue with that.

Larry Fast! there's someone I haven't thought about in years, but at least back in my teaching days his albums were some of my favorite paper grading music. I think I still have vinyl.

Yam "Bad as a Bee" More Iowa Less Worcester
Guster "Empire State" Ganging Up on the Sun
Mick Moloney "Reels: Ricky White's Face/The Top of the Stairs" Strings Attached
Peter Gabriel "Blood of Eden" Us
Fred Astaire "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" Steppin' Out: Astaire Sings
Julieta Venegas "Casa Abandonada" KCRW Sounds Eclectic Too
Dizzy Gillespie "One Bass Hit, No. 2" Ken Burns Jazz: Dizzy Gillespie
Johnny Cash "Rowboat" Unearthed V: Best of Cash
Nick Lowe "Marie Provost" Jesus of Cool
Tift Merritt "Bramble Rose" Bramble Rose

Brian Eno "St. Elmo's Fire" Another Green World

1) Starry Eyes - The Records/D.I.Y.: Starry Eyes - UK Pop, Vol. 2
2) Money - The Beatles/The Beatles’ Second Album
3) To Be Someone - The Jam/All Mod Cons
4) Wild Mountain Thyme - Nigel and the Crosses/ Time Between: A Tribute to the Byrds
5) Kern River - Dave Alvin/West of the West
6) Slip Inside This House - 13th Floor Elevators Easter Everywhere
7) Enjoy and Get It On - ZZ Top/Six Pack
8) Couldn’t I Just Tell You - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs/Under the Covers Vol. 2
9) Dealer - John Martyn/Sweet Little Mysteries: Island Anthology
10) Pull Up to the Bumper - Grace Jones/ Nightclubbing

# Kyuss – El Rodeo – And the Circus Leaves Town
# Led Zeppelin – In the Evening – In Through the Out Door
# Counting Crows – A Murder of One – August and Everything After
# (Hed) P.E. – Swan Dive – Broke
# Coil – The Golden Section – Horse Rotorvator
# System of a Down – Spiders – (self-titled)
# Black Sabbath – War Pigs – Paranoid
# Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly – There is Nothing Left to Lose
# Mastodon – Hunters of the Sky – Blood Mountain
# REM – Texarkana – Out of Time

Jingle of a Dog's Collar - Butthole Surfers
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
Hot Dog - Led Zeppelin

Huh, thought there'd be more than that.

Hey Stagger, I think that's the first Grace Jones siting at FRT10.

Big Mak, I got a bunch more, including another Waits Dog Track:

Puttin' on the Dog -- Tom Waits
Gimme Back My Dog -- Slobberbone
Fever Dog -- Stillwater
Hound Dog -- Elvis
Black Eyed Dog -- Nick Drake
Peace Dog -- The Cult
Diamond Dogs -- Bowie

Plus a bunch others by GBV, Pretenders....

Damon and Naomi "Judah and the Maccabees" With Ghost
The Pixies "Where Is My Mind?" Surfer Rosa
David Bowie "Kooks" Hunky Dory
Blonde Redhead "Astro Boy" Blonde Redhead
St. Vincent "All Things Change" Actor
Beck "Lost Cause" Sea Change
The Zombies "Imagine The Swan" Collection 64-69
Yo La Tengo "Watch Out For Me Ronnie" I'm Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
Deerhoof "Look Away" Friend Opportunity
Beach House "House on the Hill" Beach House
bonus song: Pavement "Loretta's Scars" Slanted and Enchanted

My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found - Fiery Furnaces
Doggin' Around - Jackie Wilson
I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges

Every Dog Has His Day - Let's Active
Kids and Dogs - David Crosby (w Jerry)
Tropical Hot Dog Night - Captain Beefheart

and my all time favorite dog song, Old King by Neil Young.

Every Dog Has Its Day & Salty Dog - Flogging Molly
Doginabag - The Fratellis
Dirty Old Egg Suckin' Dog - Johnny Cash (Live At Folsom)
The Underdog - Spoon

...and a bunch of stuff from Snoop.


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