So You're Sayin' There's A Chance



Ten days left in the baseball season and the Twins are still in it which at various times in the season most people would have never hoped for. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a great Twins team and their semi-lofty status is all related to the fact that the AL Central is wretched. However, in baseball, more than any other sport, a team can do some damage in the playoffs, even if they have no business being there. So bring on the Yankees!

Now nothing gives me greater pleasure than a Twins victory that also pushes the Whine Sox to the brink of elimination, especially in their own park. Even a Twins win today won't mathematically eliminate the Whities, but they will be on the brink. I will definitely pay attention even for that.

So I will continue to enjoy the baseball season, at least for a few more days. Heck, a team that uses Brandon (Dirty Harry) Harris as the DH and scores 8 runs has some higher power looking out for it. Also Joe Mauer is having a season for the ages and if you don't like watching Joe Mauer play baseball, while then there is no hope for you.


You have at least one lonely voice in the PNW cheering for your Twins.

You're on the money re: Joe Mauer. I hope your Twins make it so we can watch him in the playoffs. If he makes it while Milton Bradley sits at home it would help restore my faith!

I feel that elected officials need to do more things like this for the people.


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