TCF Bank Stadium Opening Night



So it finally happened Gopher Football back on campus. It was a great day with the entire campus decked out in Maroon in Gold. The stadium is fantastic and a Gopher win made for a great day.

There has been a ton written about Saturday's game so it's hard to add anything else. The stadium is very nice and there is hardly a bad seat in the house. The student section was rockin' and if one of the goals of the stadium was to bring a collegiate atmosphere back to the University, I would say Mission Accomplished!

It was amazing to see the campus awash with Maroon and Gold and there were people everywhere! It was a party, which I know is nothing to write about at most BCS football schools but something here in Minnesota. As a football stadium, TCF works great and the traffic problems that were anticipated were minor for what I could tell. However there were a few concerns:

Getting people into the stadium needs to be improved and quickened. Do we really need to be patted down before entering. There were still long lines minutes before the game started, and lots of people entered early.

Food service was atrocious. They ran out of food, the cash registers couldn't ring up orders, there were too few individuals serving food outside of the main food stands. It hurts that both the lower and upper bowls empty into one concourse, leaving little room for food service. It's probably fixable but the not enough food issue was just plain stupid.

But that's nit-picking. Overall it was a great experience and I can't wait to see how TCF Bank Stadium settles in to being the home of the Golden Gophers. Below are some pictures I took. Also I have some video on youtube. You can see those here.

Elaine Spending $$$ on Gopher Gear

Cheerleaders Proposing to Me


Fans Coming to Stadium



I'm imagining Goldy slowly, ominously, rising into the frame of that picture. Hilarious.

Sounds like a good time, glad the Gophers got a win and you got a good stadium experience.

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