Friday Random Top 10


Another gloomy, rainy, wet and cold October. Maybe a Random Top 10 will brighten things up.

1. The Rest of the World -- The Waco Brothers
2. Mayfly -- Belle & Sebastian
3. When the Whip Comes Down -- The Rolling Stones
4. Darby Hall -- The dB's
5. Stacy's Mom -- Fountains of Wayne
6. Black -- Pearl Jam
7. Window of My World -- Guided By Voices
8. New Amsterdam -- Elvis Costello
9. Son of a Gun -- Nirvana
10. Nightshift -- The Names

Bonus: 3-Legged Dog -- The Handsome Family

How did Stacy's Mom get in there? What's your top 10?


This week I got an email from saying that I was close to the limit of how much I could listen to Pandora in a month for free. Here's hoping that I get my 10 thumbs-up tracks before I reach that limit.

"Polarity" - Kraan, Dancing in the Shade
"Flood" - Jars of Clay, Jars of Clay
"From the Beginning" - Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Trilogy
"Escape" - Journey, Escape
"Carry on Wayward Son" - Kansas, Leftoverture
"Secret Separation" - The Fixx, Walkabout
"The Sound of Muzak" - Porcupine Tree, In Absentia
"More Than This" - Roxy Music, Avalon
"The Dance of Eternity" - Dream Theater, Metropolis pt 2: Scenes from a Memory
"Baby Blue" - Bad Finger, Straight Up

Whew, made it.

1) Almost Saturday Night - Gene Clark & Carla Olson/So Rebellious A Lover
2) Shipbuilding - Elvis Costello/High Fidelity
3) Nadia - Jeff Beck/Performing This Week ... Live at Ronnie Scott's
4) When I Fall in Love - Miles Davis/Steamin' w/ The Miles Davis Quintet
5) Year One (demo) - X/Beyond and Back
6) Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell/Ladies of the Canyon
7) Rolling Along - Lucinda Williams/Happy Woman Blues
8) The Home Front - Billy Bragg/Talking w/ the Taxman About Poetry
9) Pablo and Andrea - Yo La Tengo/Electr-O-Pura
10) Burning Bush - Mono Men/Wild and Wooly: The NW Rock Collection (emp)

I stopped by Friday afternoon to drop my random, but this wasn't here. Hmmmm. Very strange...

There's been some gremlins. Comments showing up and then missing, etc. For some reason this post was up early Friday, then gone for most of the day. I noticed it missing late in the afternoon and basically reposted it. Not sure what happened.

Gremlins or ennui, free?


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