HHH Metrodome -- Good Riddance!!



With the Twins winning today it looks like there may be at least 1 or 2, possibly 3 more meaningful baseball games at the HHH Metrodome this weekend. Chances are slim I know, but there is a chance. I will definitely be paying attention and hoping against hope for a Twins sweep of the Royals.

A few people have asked me if I am going to one of the last games at the dome this weekend and I enthusiastically tell them no. I've have hated inside baseball since 1982 and I am ecstatic that the Twins will be playing outside next year. I will take a few days of cold, wet, blustery games over a whole summer of inside baseball. I have never wavered over my hatred of the Dome and my wanting a new Twins ballpark was all about wanting to see baseball outside, not some fear that the Twins would move without a new ballpark.

Sure there have been great memories at the dome. I was at all four games of the 1991 World Series. But I tie those great memories to the Twins, not the Dome. The Dome was antiseptic, it was bland, it was plastic. It wasn't built for baseball and was cursed with horrible sightlines. In Minnesota we have such few months of actual nice weather it was a crying shame that one had to go inside to watch baseball.

So good riddance HHH Metrodome. I won't miss you. I won't shed a tear over you. And I'll mark your passing with a sigh of relief that we finally saw the (sun) light and built a beautiful new outdoor ballpark.


No kidding. The Dome has all the ambiance of a Home Depot. It's suited for monster truck rallies and little else. (Can't wait til the Vikes move to LA so we can tear the damn thing down. ;-)

The Dome is a great example of what happens when something is built under-budget and "under-schedule." It was horrible from the start, and the Vikings actually tried to sue over the quality of the facility when it opened in 1982.

I think Minnesota learned a lesson to "do it right" and built the X, TCF and Target Field to last.

What will happen to the Vikes remains to be seen. I have no idea where $750 million is going to come from in this economy.

I will miss the Dome a bit. We used to have to drive 4½ hours to the game, so to know that it will be played was a big benefit. To know that your seat faced somewhere in the mid-outfield sucked, though.

Does anyone hear four more meaningful games?

It's a putrid baseball stadium, but I sure enjoyed many a night cheering for my club in there, which has nothing to do with the stadium and everything to do with my favorite club.


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