There's a Hole



There's a hole where my heart did reside.
It was ripped out and smashed,
turned into hash
left on the road with no place to hide.

I believed in a team that just wouldn't quit.
Representing the masses, the verdant,
the unmonied classes
surviving on guile, guts, and wit.

Alas, fell beasts this earth still roam.
Crushing our hopes, they went bashing,
sometimes mashing
leaving us tattered, crawling for home.

But we will rise again to fight once more
We'll be noble, fearless, and strong,
nothing goes wrong
in our new field named after a store.


Looks like they've got gophers...

Speaking of Gophers, does the U baseball team have to bring their own home plate to the Dome now? Or are they moving to Target Field for some of their games too?

Ha, good point Shane. Actually the Gophers are playing ALL their games at the Metrodome next year. I guess they'll have to bring their own home plate and pitching rubber.

Maybe Nick Punto's hiding in the bottom of that hole. Or the umpire that missed the call on the line drive down the 3rd base line in NY.

For what it's worth (which ain't much) I cheered for your hometown 9 until the last out. Guess it wasn't in the cards. I did enjoy watching Boston's wheezing collapse.

Go Angels ...

Of course, the old field is now named for a mall.


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