They Just Don't Quit



They Just Don't Quit. It's been said so much about plucky, playing-over-their-heads sports teams for so long that it ranks among such classic sports clichés as "giving 110 percent" and "one day at a time." But clichés exist for a reason and if "They Just Don't Quit" ever applied to a team, it applied to the 2009 Minnesota Twins, especially over the last month of the season.

We all know the stats intimately by now: Seven games out on September 7th. Three games out with 4 to play. Last Wednesday it looked like the season was over, now, the following Wednesday, we're all hung over. Last night the Twins down early 3-0, they come back, They're down 5-4 in the 10th, they come back. Their worst pitcher has to pitch the 11th and 12th innings and he miraculously allows no runs. Two players picking splinters out of their backsides from riding the bench so much come up huge in the 12th and the Twins win. They just don't quit.

Some will say that is why Baseball is the greatest sport, with its long 162 game season and no clock, you can't quit. You can't just "run out the clock." Life is like that too. There is no clock -- it's not a race, it's a journey. Just think if we applied the mantra "they just don't quit" to our entire lives? Just think what we would accomplish. Who knows maybe even a trip to New York City.

Twins over the Yankees in 4.


I like your optimism. Twins over Yankees in 4 and then Twins over Red Sox in 5. I'd love it if the Twins stuck it to both, maybe even the Red Sox more.

I like your positive thought but I am remembering your comment a month or more ago .... "put a fork in them" ...... haven't you learned by now that you NEVER should give up on the Twins!

Have I ever told you that I loath the Yankees?

The Yankees, to me, represent everything that is wrong with modern professional sports. Go Twins!

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