H1N1 Vaccine Deniers: Deny Away!


swine flu virus.jpg
The H1N1 Virus under a microscope

Even though cases of H1N1 increases every week, including mounting deaths to younger people and those who have weakened immunity, there still is a small, but vocal, contingent of vaccine deniers who will refuse to take the vaccine once it becomes available. Given the fact that a Minneapolis clinic was overwhelmed with over 120,000 calls last week when it became known it had the vaccine, I do believe that vaccine deniers are a small minority of people, hyped up by 24/7 news channels looking to fill time and by (ahem) bloggers who need something to write about.

I have no issue with taking the H1N1 vaccine and will get a shot when it's available and make sure the rest of my family can get one too. The vaccine, its development, and manufacture is no different than the seasonal flu shot, and while I am sure there are some people concerned about the seasonal flu vaccine, we don't hear much about them.

I also don't have an issue with people refusing the H1N1 vaccine, even though it may cause the virus to spread further. First, more people refusing the vaccine means that I will get my vaccine that much quicker and will be easier to find vaccines for my family. But more importantly if a few of these vaccine deniers actually contract and die from the virus, we will "thin the herd" of those who obviously are of lesser intellect. Many of these vaccine deniers would be prime candidates for a Darwin Award and if they want to eliminate themselves from the gene pool, we'll mourn their passing but then feel grateful they can no longer propagate. Surely someone who takes their medical advice from some white dude rapping about H1N1 or Bill Maher instead of the CDC, gets what's coming to them.

So all you vaccine deniers out there, deny away. I'll go get my shot, stay healthy, and check out your stuff when the estate sale is held.


Wow. That's cold. And flu...

I know E, I was really feeling my oats yesterday.

I should clarify, however. If someone doesn't want to get a flu or H1N1 shot because they aren't worried about catching the flu or think that they can handle the illness just fine, I have no problem with that. I survived 40 years without ever getting a flu shot and it seems that if you are relatively healthy, you'll survive H1N1 just fine.

My screed above was more directed to the vaccine conspiracy theorists out there who refuse to get a vaccine because they think it's a government plot or that the vaccine will do more damage than the illness. Those guys need to have a date with Darwin.

right on brother. let those conspiracy folks suffocate in their pneumonia tents. i swear by the flu vaccines. had them one year, only small-minor cold/flu like symptoms. missed one year, full blown cold/flu like symptoms (2). my spouse is now convinced as well.

I have two issues with your position: children and herd immunity. The deniers have children. Children are at particular risk of H1N1. I know the risk may be a little hyped up, but I have a 6 year-old and I will rest easier once he's been vaccinated. Also those deniers' children are probably not receiving the other vaccines they should be getting, MMR, etc.

I am a firm believer in the science behind the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Know anyone with smallpox or polio? No? Do you know why you don't? Vaccination.

The number of deniers may seem small, but if there are areas where the number is high that can put the greater population of that area at risk. Herd immunity will become compromised and those who can not be vaccinated, because of age or other health issues, will be vulnerable to H1N1, measles, mumps and so on.

I realize that if I argue that the deniers' children have no choice about not being vaccinated, it can be argued that neither do the children of vaccination proponents. It's true.

I think the healthier attitude of pro-vaccination people would be wanting to do all they can to educate the deniers, help them to change their misinformed position, rather than just saying, "The hell with them." Because if enough people join the deniers' camp ALL of us will be in trouble.


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