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Last weekend was big plus rare with all four major sports leagues were in action. Here are some thoughts

Vikings-Packers. This was the biggie. Favre back at Lambeau. Opportunity for Vikings to put away the Pack and grab a stranglehold on the NFC North Division. A million words have been spilled on the event, I'll just add that the anguish Packer fans are going through (see image above) makes me even happier than the Vikings 7-1 start. Vikings secondary is still a big concern and I worry how they would match up v. the Saints or Colts.

Gophers v. MSU. A must win and a crazy game. How many times does a team commit 17 penalties and win? Plus the Gophers got a couple of key calls late. Go back to my prediction, I've practically nailed it. Gophers win next two and lose at Iowa. However, I would gladly trade those two wins for a victory against the Hick-eyes and ruining their national championship hopes.

Timberwolves Start Play. A miracle win in their opener followed by 3 loses. This team ain't going to win a lot of games, hopefully they will be entertaining.

Gophers Hoops. Three plays suspended. Ouch that's 25 percent of the team. Hopefully White and Bostick's transgressions are minor. With those three players, this could be a fun team to watch this year.

World Series.
Jeez, Chase Utley is playing out of his mind, too bad it seems like the Phillies will need to score at least 6 runs every game to even have a chance at winning. It will be interesting to see if Girardi's strategy of using only three pitchers on three days rest backfires. Burnett looked awful last night.


Free - after that Vikes/Pack game, I checked out some of the comments being made on the Milwaukee and Green Bay web sites. "Anguish" is putting it lightly. Abject misery coupled with rage on the part of many Packer fans. That is a bad combination when you mix in about 19 Old Milwaukee Ice Beers. I'm surprised there was not rioting, but everyone probably just passed out.

I hope the Phillies are able to force a game 7.

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okay freeonzo, here's my beef. 2 years ago when the packers with favre were kicking the viqueens posterior (and for most of the 90s/early 20s), you had a ticker running 'bout brett's race to the interception record. now that he plays with your team, has them off to their best record in team history, destined to run away with the division, and into the playoffs, no more whining? what gives?

Hey Timmy B, just because I had an interception watch, didn't mean I was "whining." Look at my previous posts about Favre and the one above, I am more interested in what Favre does to Packer fans than what he does for the Vikings. I enjoy both the fact that now Packer fans realize what every other NFL fan has known for 15 years, theat Favre is an egotistical jerk. I also like the fact that he is leading the Vikes to a succesful season. Those sentiments are NOT mutually exclusive.

I try my best to appreciate the accomplishments of athletes and artists (musical and otherwise) and ignore where they fall out on the 'decent human' vs. 'self absorbed dick' scale. I assume the worst and if they turn out to be the exception that disproves the rule then I'm pleasantly surprised. I enjoy watching Favre play quarterback and I also think he's a egotistical tool. The Seahawks (not to compare them with a real team like the Vikings or Packers) just added this T.J. Houshmandzadeh character. I was pretty jacked when the deal went down, remembering as I did his total domination of the 'hawks backfield every time the Bengals came to town. Now that he's here I discover that he's diva receiver in the T.O. or Chad Johnson mold. And he hasn't accomplished (so far) anything that our other second rate receivers aren't capable of doing. At least Favre makes the team better. I'll take an embarrassing jackass that helps win over one that just flaps his yapper while the season slips down the drain.

Disgusted in Seattle


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