Zach Grienke -- A Charmed Life


Zach Grienke deservedly won the 2009 Cy Young even though he pitched for the woeful Kansas City Royals, winning 16 games.

It has come out that Grienke is not only a great pitcher but uses sabermetrics to help him approach batters. The guy uses his brawn and his brains.

So if you are a Major League Baseball player, making millions of dollars, awarded the highest honor for your position, and obviously extremely bright what else could you ask for? How about engaged to a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader?


Well done sir. Well done.


And he's overcome severe social anxiety disorder-he almost ended his career because of it--to win the Cy Young and land a babe. Even more impressive.

Ooh La La.

Zach Grienke is very deserving of the award, the money, and the babe! Some guys have all the luck!

I don't get the response is that the first hot babe you have ever seen?


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