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Since it's the end of the decade, it's practically a blogger's obligation to make best of or worst of lists. A couple of weeks ago I listed my favorite albums of the decade. Today I'll tackle movies. As always reaction, ridicule are welcomed in the comments.

In no particular order.....

Spiderman II - Probably the best Comic Book Hero movie ever (and that includes you Dark Knight).

Juno - Wonderful script, quirky characters. Fun little movie.

Unfaithful - Diane Lane gets it on in a hallway, bathroom, floor, couch, bed... with some French dude or and she's married to Richard Gere.

Memento - By doling out the movie "backwards" the viewer experiences the story much like the main character.

Lord of the Rings - I'm including all three here although I think Fellowship is the best. Not too many people think it could be done, but a pretty good adaption of the books. Deserves all its accolades.

Shaun of the Dead - Funny, scary take on the whole zombie romantic comedy genre.

Eternal Sunrise of the Spotless Mind -- Wonderful movie, probably one of my favorites. Like Memento, great use of non-linear storytelling to get into what the characters are experiencing.

Almost Famous - Another favorite. Perfect movie about what it means to love rock and roll.

Pan's Labyrinth - Magical storytelling with an ending that will break your heart.

Into the Wild
- A great adaption of a great book. One is both horrified and completely understanding of Chris' decisions to move to Alaska.

Brokeback Mountain - Get over the homosexual themes of this movie. It is wonderfully filmed and Heath Ledger's last scene will shatter your soul.

United 93 - Intense. You know how this ends but still keeps your grabbing your seat to the very end.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - The movie that brought Asian wire work to the masses. Beautifully shot. This is the same Director who brought us The Hulk?

King of Kong
- Documentary about grown up boys pursuing video game records. Compelling characters you just can't make up.

Man on Wire - Story of how a guy was able to string a line between the Twin Towers and walk across. Fascinating story.

Diving Bell and the Butterfly
- Very interesting true story about a man who can only communicate through the blinking of his eyes. The movie brings you virtually right inside his head as he reacts to his new circumstances.

In America - Nice little story about recent immigrants to NYC.

Donnie Darko - Weird story about descending into madness or time travel? You decide. Cool soundtrack too.

Little Miss Sunshine - I love how this story portrays this down-on-its-luck family. The payoff at the end is fantastic.

Sideways - Maybe a little pretentious but some great writing. Plus I never laughed so loud at some of the antics.

American Splendor - Again one of my favorites. A great way to bring a comic book series to the big screen.

Once - A nice little movie with wonderful music and great characters. Simple, straightforward plot that is not clichéd.

Moulin Rouge - I'm a sucker for this movie. Big musical numbers, wild renditions of popular songs, glorious sets. I wish they made them like this more often.

O Brother Where Art Thou - Again the music makes this movie. Coen Brothers at their finest.

School of Rock - A perfect vehicle for Jack Black but another love letter to Rock and Roll.

Milk - Wears its heart on its sleeve, portrays the man warts and all.

Where the Wild Things Are - Kids movie for adults. Wonderful movie about the joys and frustration of being a kid.

Avatar - O.k. I haven't seen this yet but have read a lot of reviews and seen interviews. It sounds amazing. If I see it and it stinks, I will modify.

What did I miss, what above doesn't deserve to make it?


Spiderman II over either of the Batman movies? I actually like the Spiderman movies (I'm a sucker for super heroes) but I'm not putting it above Batman.

I'd add Grizzly Man to your documentaries.

Here are some more I probably should have included:

Grizzly Man
Supersize Me
21 Grams
I'm Not There
The Royal Tennenbaums
Children of Men
There will be Blood

Granted, I'm not a sci-fi fan, but Avatar looks like a giant blue POS. I saw a bit of a Cameron interview on a morning show yesterday. What a pretentious prick. Bombs away!

No doubt Cameron is a dick. But so is Sean Penn but I'm still gonna like take interest in what he does on the screen.

Seeing that first trailer for Avatar I, along with most, easily derided it as a $200M Ferngully movie or perhaps "Dancing with Blue Cats." But now that people have actually seen the movie, they are getting blown away. Ebert gave it 4 stars and Rotten Tomatoes has it at 86. I don't think it will be a bomb either critically or financially.

Avatar will get my $7 (I'm a matinee guy) but I'm skeptical. The trailer makes it look like a video game. I have a feeling that we're on the cusp of zillions of movies that are indistinguishable from video games.

I like your list. Lots of movies there that I enjoyed a lot. I thought Inglourious Basterds was very entertaining so I might add that as well as 24 Hour Party People and The Incredibles. All lightweight but lots of fun. I also have a soft spot for the movie ‘Miracle’ about the ’80 men’s hockey team. It pushes every manipulative button but I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Zodiac and Mulholland Dr are two that stuck with me for days after I saw them--the mark of a powerful film. Zodiac, in particular, is vastly underrated.

Zodiak made many best of lists but I never saw it. I think I might have to rent that one.

I realize nobody likes a math geek, but this decade still has one more year to go. See? You have feelings of dislike for me, don't you? But, when one counts to ten we count 1 to 10, not 0 to 9. I'm just being a nudge.

It's a good list. I've seen all but five of them.

Hey Jim, I get it but we're not counting 1-10, we are considering culture within a specific time period lasting 10 years (which is what a decade is, 10 years, regardless of when you count). When someone says the movies of the "70s" it's pretty clear that it means movies from 1970-1979.

I also should have included Woody Allen's Match Point. I thought that movie was great. Hitchockian even.

Also to pile on to my comment above regarding the decade. Hey Jim, if it's 80 degrees out do you say the temperature is "in the 80s?" What about an uncle who is 70, don't you say "he's in his 70s?" What if you got a 90 on a test? Wouldn't you say "I scored in the 90s?" My point is that we way we count has little or no bearing how we classify events that happen within a specific time period that starts with the designating numeral.

I feel shame. :(

I knew nobody liked a math geek.

free, pretty decent list, except u know--your guilty pleasure...moulin rouge. one of the movies in the last decade that we nearly walked out of. i would add to the best list: there will be blood; the departed; mystic river; the savages; slumdog millionaire; wall-e; punch drunk love; far from heaven; you can count on me; adaptation. completely disagree with your comment about punch drunk...great love story, quirky scenes, and movie where adam sandler (sp?) actually acts. hope the avatar movie tanks. revisited some cameron films, titanic and aliens. just don't hold up.

Good list. I liked Almost Famous alot. Momento was a killer flick as well. I also liked Equalibrium quite a bit. I think A Beautiful Mind got robbed at the Oscars by Training Day (WTF?)I am no fan of Decaprio but Body of Lies is a good flick too.

Thanks for the vocabulary lesson Rita. I was referring to Republican as opposed to Democrat. My point was most Americans are not ready to become socialists. The liberal left appears to want socialism. They think it can be forced upon the whole country, because they won an election. I dont think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


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