It' Coming!!!!


Ground Blizzard Negaunee MI.jpg

TV Weather men/women are checking their radar, tweaking the dials. Snow plow drivers are making sure the heat works in their rigs and filling up their thermoses. Those who threw out that old shovel last year are flocking to the hardware store to get the latest model. Grocery stores are stocking up on beer, milk, and other staples. Kids are dreaming of snow days and wondering if they should do their homework tonight. It's snow-mageddon 2009 and it's bearing down hard on the Upper Midwest!!!!!!!!!!!!

The TV weather folks are in full Defcon 1 over this. We had a relatively mild November with not even a whisper of precipitation that could be blown up as a nuisance snow. So these guys are chomping at the bit. They need this, it completes them. We are getting hourly updates on the snow and reporters are scattered throughout the area to report on how much, how cold, and what it means for traffic. Even if we end up with one or two inches, we will hear about this for the next four days.

Me, I am ready. After 2 years of sitting inoperable in the garage, I spent some coin to tune up the snow-blower. I have two new shovels. I get some milk on the way home. Heck we are even going to get the Christmas tree tonight so that we don't have to deal with the snow on Wednesday. We are ready, bring it on.

Update: Apparently the storm has a name (just like a hurricane) Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce Billybluster!


Sorry, I'm sticking with #snowmageddon :-)

And TWO new shovels? Your lot isn't that big!

Remember those snowfalls that were met without hyperbole? Yeah, me neither.

In Advance of a Broken Arm

Here I was laughing at the KC newscasts for their breathless anticipation of this "storm" (I can still see the grass on my front lawn! This does not qualify.) Apparently it's not just them.

I'm left considering whether it's time to hang up the windbreaker this week and go full-on winter coat or not...

Hey Snyder, my driveway's 120 feet long! In the rare occurrence when I can get one of the kids to shovel too, I need that 2nd shovel.

After all of the hype, I am going to say we get 3 1/2 inches....


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