Lost Forest After Dark 2009

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Another year in the books and another year of blogging complete. Lost Forest After Dark went with a new design mid-year, had a bunch new readers and commenters and continued to be an outlet of barely coherent rants on whatever interests me. I thank you for stopping by and especially commenting. If you are a lurker, drop a note, then I know that someone actually reads this crap. Oh, and if you read this from Facebook, come on over to the actual site, that's where all the action is. Below are a bunch of posts I was particularly proud of this year, check them out if you missed them the first time around.

Thoughts on a New Vikings Stadium

Katherine Kersten and Gay Marriage

My Poem on the End of the Twins Season

My Controversial Take on the Beatles Re-issues

My 97-mile bike ride to Siren, WI

Review of Wilco (the Album)

Trip to Wrigley Field

Going to the 7th Street Entry with My Daughter

Live Replacements and Meat Puppets Concerts Available for Download

The People of Haiti

1 Comment

You have at least one reader in Ohio. I enjoy your sports and live music posts.


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