Vikings -- Embrace the Inevitable



Forty years of Viking choking on the big game has led to one established fact: The Vikings will disappoint, they cannot win the big game. It's pre-ordained, it's in their DNA, it's who. they. are.

Most Viking fans realize this but it still doesn't matter. They get whipped up into thinking this is the year, this time they might have a chance and then they allow their soul to be crushed by the inevitable stupid play calling, bad tackling, and gutless approach. It's pathological really. Why go batshit insane over a team you know is going to disappoint you?

Vikings fans need to take my approach. Embrace the dysfunction. Sure you watch, you swear at the TV when the Vikes go 3 and out (again) or give up a touchdown on 3rd and 26(!!!), but you also laugh. You are assured that everything is right in the world safe in the knowledge that the big loss is happening again you know it's coming. So sit back and watch the wreckage knowing that choking and the Vikings are two things that are just meant to be. How it could be otherwise?


I truly believe a playoff loss to the Packers is inevitable. It would fit perfectly in Viking lore.

I'm starting to see the point of this philosophy. I think the same could be said of the Gophers, too.

I commented over on Jeff's place that at least our kids are getting to understand what it really means to be a Vikings fan. As Charlie said, "the Vikings never miss out on an opportunity to disappoint." That kid's gonna be alright with an attitude like that.


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