What's Wrong with Adrian Peterson?

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I don't post a lot about the Vikings because quite frankly I don't care that much about them. Sure I watch on Sundays but growing up as a kid and watching 3 Super Bowl losses and then as an adult seeing at least three NFC Championship games choked away has left me pretty jaded. Let's face it, the Vikings will lose sometime in January and break purple and gold hearts all across the State. Let's hope they don't do it in a fashion like this, however.

I wasn't able to watch much of Sunday's dismantling of the Bears, however I did hear a lot of it over the radio, including the post game. Since the Vikings win was so convincing, a lot of discussion centered around Adrian Peterson and his, for him, pedestrian game of 85 yards on 25 carries and 2 fumbles (one lost). Callers and analysts were wondering if AP was hurt, criticized the O-line, and whether or not AP was washed up.

What came out the next day, however, was really interesting. The Bears all but admitted that they set up their defense to stop AP, they weren't going to let him beat them. The Vikings recognized this and exploited it with pass after pass. Even after the Vikings had huge success with the passing game, the Bears didn't change their strategy.

After previous games it's been the same story. Defenses scheme to stop AP first, the pass second. Now I'm not a great football mind but given what Brett Favre and his arsenal of WRs and TEs have done all season, this seems to me to be short sighted. Sure, with all the offensive weapons the Vikings have, defenses are in a little bit of "pick your poison" mode, but one would think that after 11 games, defenses would figure out that the season Brett Favre has had isn't a mirage.

Actually I think it's all due to the first game against the Browns when AP went apeshit all over that defense, running over guys, tossing them aside like they were skinny high school players. Teams saw that film and said, I'll take my chances against a 40 year old gunslinger than a beast like that. Then when teams saw the huge hit AP put on that Steeler Safety (see above), those fears were confirmed. Fortunately for the Vikings, Favre has been able to exploit the defense emphasis on stopping the run.

So to answer my question above, I don't think anything is wrong with Adrian Peterson. Soon a defense is going to say, we can't let Favre beat us, and then AP will run wild. So enjoy the season for what it is. But in the end, don't worry, they will disappoint. They will lose a playoff game that they could have won. After all it's the Vikings.

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Top Cat Da StoryTella said... In da offseason AP sed he was gon gain 10 pounds or so... idk if he did... but if dats tru then that wud account for his lack of speed
Also... remember he hasnt fumbled in like 4 games... he may B concetratin on holdin da 2 much...Or simply maybe da line isnt blockin... maybe AP lost his spark... maybe hes hurt...
Ive her Farve been checkin out of run plays... I herd he left da play alone wen dere was 8 men in da box... lots of possibilies


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