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It's New Orleans week for Minnesota Sports Teams! Tonight is the big T-wolves-Hornets tilt at the Target Center. I don't know if the Vikings-Saints will even get noticed after that basketball game is in the books. Let's start off the weekend right with a Random Top 10...

1. Will I See You in Heaven -- They Jayhawks
2. The Drinking Jim Crow -- Guided By Voices
3. Dixie -- Bob Dylan
4. All The Same to Me -- Golden Smog
5. Misterioso -- Thelonious Monk
6. Fuck Everything -- Jack Logan
7. Dancin' On the Bar -- Fred Eaglesmith
8. Good Night -- The Beatles
9. Big Day -- XTC
10. Ghost Town Blues -- Social Distortion

Bonus: Drinker's Peace -- Guided By Voices

Nice list, good representation of what I listen to. Dancin' on the Bar is a great country song (So If you're dancin' on the bar, try not to tip over my bottle). What's on your Top 10?



No filters on the music today, everything random…

“Disco Suicide” – Brand X, Moroccan Roll
“Waterfall” – Jeff Lorber, The Definitive Collection
“The Turning Point” – Toto, The Essential Toto
“Clap [studio version]” – Yes, The Yes Album [remastered]
“Erpland” – Ozric Tentacles, Live at the Pongmasters
“Structure & Discipline” – Thomas Newman, American Beauty soundtrack
“Tijuaniac” – Alan Parsons, A Valid Path
“Angela [Theme from Taxi]” – Bob James, All Around Town
“Learning to Fly” – Emerson, Lake & Powell, Emerson, Lake & Powell
“The Path of Wind (instrumental)” – Joe Hisaishi, My Neighbor Totoro soundtrack

My hopes are way too high for the Vikings. Good thing I have that awesome new Prince song to calm my nerves.

War on War - Wilco
Mother Nature's Son - The Beatles
Forever - Moby
Outside the Wall - Pink Floyd
Twin Cinema - The New Pornographers
The Saga Begins - Weird Al
Promenade - U2
Alive - Pearl Jam
Sunrise - The Who
Dark Matter - Andrew Bird

Bonus: Big Star - The Jayhawks

Your list will be drunk by noon, Free.

1. “Country Mile” Camera Obscura Let’s Get Out Of This Country
2. “Roll” Richard Buckner Devotion & Doubt
3. “The Cabbage” Teenage Fanclub Thirteen
4. “Reynardine” Anne Briggs A Collection
5. “Honest With Me” Bob Dylan Love And Theft
6. “Another Way I Could Do It” Sloan Never Hear the End of It
7. “Birds” M83 Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
8. “The Perfect Me” Deerhoof Friend Opportunity
9. “Don’t Explain” Cat Power Jukebox
10. “No Glamour for Willi” Television Television

Song #6 on your list just seems like it should be the closer (or the opener, I guess).

* One More Time – Korn – Untouchables
* Stay – Onesidezero – (self-titled)
* For All the Sin – Nothingface – Violence
* A Story at Three – AFI – The Art of Drowning
* N.I.B. – Black Sabbath – (self-titled)
* Electric Red – Meshuggah – ObZen
* One Inch Man – Kyuss – And the Circus Leaves Town
* Rushmore – Erik Friedlander – Block Ice and Propane
* Tangerine – Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III
* Just a Taste – Fiona Apple – Tidal

Drinking and Driving -- Black Flag
Drinkin' Too Much -- Fred Eaglesmith
Don't Come a Drinking -- Loretta Lynn
Drinking With an Angel -- The Suburbs
The Piano has been Drinking -- Tom Waits
Drinkin' and Cheatin' and Death -- Waco Brothers

I have 5 drinking songs by GBV too.

  1. Highway 61 Revisited - Karen O and the Million Dollar Bashers, I'm Not There OST

  2. World on a String - Neil Young, Tonight's the Night

  3. Need to Be - Stereolab, Margarine Eclipse

  4. Popcorn - The Upsetters, In Fine Style -50,00 Volts of Trojan Records

  5. Rebel Without a Pause - Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back

  6. Don't Love You - TV on the Radio - Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes

  7. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, it Takes a Train to Cry - Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan 1975 - The Rolling Thunder Revue

  8. Bodysnatchers - Radiohead, In Rainbows

  9. Point and Shoot - Yo La Tengo, I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

  10. Girl/Boy Song - Aphex Twin, Richard D. James Album

1) Carried Away – Comsat Angels/Chasing Shadows
2) A Rose For Emily (Alternate Version) – The Zombies/Odessey & Oracle: 30the Anniversary Edition
3) Stillness is the Move – Dirty Projectors/Bitte Orca
4) Jungle Fever – The Chakachas/The Funk Box
5) Jolson And Jones – Scott Walker/The Drift
6) Just A Little Lovin’ – Dusty Springfield/Dusty In Memphis
7) Take A Giant Step – Taj Mahal/In Progress & In Motion 1965 – 1998
8) Roads Girdle The Globe – XTC/Drums and Wires
9) Black Peter – Grateful Dead/Steppin’ Out With The Grateful Dead: England 72
10) One Hand Loose – Charlie Feathers With Jody and Jerry/Rockin’ Bones: 1950s Punk & Rockabilly

Bonus: Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be)? – Billie Holiday/Complete Original American Decca Recordings

baby right brain development PASSING 0 ---- 6 years old 0-6 years old baby developed no trace
16 games right brain (Figure)

baby right brain development 0-6 years 16 games

Scientific research shows that the storage capacity of the human right brain left brain is 10,000 times, while the left brain right brain's memory potential is 100 times. But in real life 95% of people only use the brain of 3% to 5%, the rest are hidden in the right brain's subconscious. Japan's leading educator Professor Shichida large number of experimental studies found that the human brain in 60% completed 3 years of development, 90% completed 6 years of age, while the right brain in the 3 years before the very rich.
young father and mother should know that the baby's right brain potential in the process of gradual loss of growth, and development of 0-6 year-old baby right brain is the golden age. If we are correct and timely use of flexible teaching methods and activities to promote the game baby right brain development, that your baby will have a strong memory, creativity and imagination.
below introduce you to babies aged 0 to 6 to promote the development of 16 right-brain fun games:
0 ~ 3-year-old baby: right brain development period of enlightenment
game one: kick the leg, stretching Shen Yao play: put the soothing classical music, my parents do to help your baby sleep training, moving the body: head and neck movement (front, back, left, right), arm exercise (front, back, left and right, but it encompasses the circling ), leg movement (sitting feet do adduction, abduction, flexion, extension, circling) and other exercises. Exercise for the baby while mom and dad, while watching the baby's eyes, read the password: 1234, two thousand two hundred thirty-four ... ...
Tip: This game is suitable for 0 to 1 year old baby. The left side of the body parts of the activities directed by the right brain, left brain right part of the activities of the command. Therefore, parents often help the baby to do exercise, the baby can not only improve the flexibility and coordination of bodily functions, but also to develop the concept of the baby space to promote the right brain development.
Game 2: dance
play: classical music in the background, the father and mother led the baby according to music rhythm dancing, clapping, or do a variety of their favorite moves. This game is suitable for any age baby, will not walk for the baby, mother holding a baby can do the dance moves, or dance along with the rhythm of his hands and feet. When you hear the sound of a musical instrument, the 2 years old baby can try to imitate playing the instrument of action. Such as: listening to violin music when playing the violin to imitate the way, heard the piano, the left and right hand to press a key position to imitate. Also allows the baby to follow the rhythm of music, free play, dance.
Tip: classical music on the baby right brain development plays a significant role in the musical accompaniment of the beautiful baby can make many beautiful and harmonious action, served to promote right-brain thinking and right brain functions active role.
Game 3: What
like to play: Let your baby face side of the wall without too much visual stimulation. Mom and Dad holding a picture card or building blocks, etc., from entering the baby's left ear behind his left eye vision. Ask the baby: Note: Be sure not to ask
Tip: This game is suitable for 1 year and a half to three-year-old baby to play. Imagination to the right brain training can stimulate more cell. As long as your baby is not tired, and he can always play imaginative games. Such as: In sunny weather, the father and mother and the baby lying on the grass can observe the clouds of heaven to inspire him as clouds of different shapes animals, fairies, angels and so on. Do not underestimate the baby is full of curious exploration activities, or stupid, full of
game four: find a friend
play: cards spread out a few letters, so the baby will be two cards the same letter pairs. If your baby is similar to the appearance of two different letters confused parents can correct the error at the same time, the image pointed out the difference. Such as: the interpretation of the letter B can be described as the baby's ear, and the grandfather of the letter P is interpreted as a walking stick.
Tip: This matching game for 1 year and a half baby. As the baby grew older, gradually matching game development Such as: your 2-year-old baby in different positions of the same kind of pictures of animals paired pairs; your baby will be 2 years and a half in the picture or kind of fruit, biscuits and other categories.
Game Five: throw paper balls
play: take a basket, basket or laundry basket can then take some of the newspapers, the newspaper wrapped into a ball, a paper ball made of a mother, father and baby throwing paper balls in turn, throwing 10 per person, to see who threw the ball up in the basket.
Tip: This exercise game for over 2 years old baby to play, need to control their own hands the baby's movements, to judge the distance of space, which are conducive to the baby's right brain development.
game six: the magic tray
play: the home leave used tissues box, fill it up some toys, candy, fruit, touch your baby, please come out before he said the name, or give him instructions, asked him to come up with something to according to instructions. Of the larger baby, you can give him no instructions. Such as: In order to increase the fun, you can also use some incentive approach. For example: take on the candy, put candy award for the baby to eat, a wrong, such as mother used to eat candy on the go.
Note: this training the senses of the game for 2 years old baby. This is a tactile and visual through to judge the game, can promote the development of right brain.
Game Seven: Guess Who am I?
play: father or mother in bed out different animal sounds, such as the wolf calls, dogs barking, the lion's cry, so that hidden in the baby guess what animal in bed.
Tip: This game is suitable for babies over 2 years old to play. This is a game with the hearing judge, but also can stimulate the baby's right brain function.
Game Eight: rock Beats Pro, scissors, cloth
play: some toys, and baby play Who won more toys on who should.
Tip: This game is suitable for 2 to 3-year-old baby to play. More right brain can be developed with the left hand, because the left is the right brain controls movement. Therefore, allowing the baby to paint with his left hand more, grasping toys, building blocks, string wooden beads ... ...
3 ~ 6-year-old baby: right brain development
game a golden age: the ball and I friends
Play one: feet apart when the goal Mom, Dad, the baby turns to his left foot shot, who's hit rate comparison.
play two: father, mother and baby Bounce the ball left and right turns. Can make different instructions, such as:
play three: the ball with a rope fixed to the baby than the 10 to 20 cm above, please jump up baby feet, with a head ball to the top count, accumulated to a certain number of reward stickers.
play four: the baby in accordance with instructions left foot struck the ground with the ball, or forward or to the left, right away, and finally put the ball back to the designated
play five: 4 to 8 ground gracefully stuffed toys, father, mother and baby contest, left the ball rolling at the target, up to the fallen toys wins.
Tip: This ball game is suitable for babies over 3 years old to play in the limb movement and function of brain systems repeated the process, promote the development of the cerebral cortex and nerve cells.
Game 2: sing
play with everyone: the life events compiled songs, singing and playing and the baby. For example, brush your teeth, wash, eat, we can put these activities and we are familiar melodies such as - Come - ----- brush teeth every day - to be - ------ tooth brush.
Tip: This game is suitable for babies over 3 years old to play, to develop baby's sense of rhythm and creativity.
Game 3: The box will scroll
play: the family bought a TV or other large items of cardboard boxes left, so the baby got into the body to tighten, and then scroll cartons child, baby will be overjoyed. To avoid hurt the baby, Mom and Dad the best in each box before rolling loudly asked him:
Tip: This game is suitable for babies over 3 years old to play, you can exercise your baby's body sense of balance, but also the development of the baby's right brain function.
game four: less what, more than what
play: for the baby to see a picture, the above animals, food, supplies. So that what is baby food, which is supplies. Then back to another, the above ratio increases and decreases in the first, so that what little baby talk, any more.
left brain's memory as 3 years old baby has been identified with the image of memory and type of foundation, father and mother and baby can be memory training game.
Game Five: guess, look for
play: Mom and Dad to prepare pieces of broken-line graphics, baby guess what, then do connection exercises, take a look guessed right; Baby can also look for hidden graphics, such as: butterflies hidden in the iris, let him look, there are a few little butterflies on the screen, several flower butterfly flower; or to a complex picture to see the baby, there are people, animals and color changes, to make him whole, and then partial to him, let him talk about what part of this whole.
Hint: think about this game with the schema for babies over 4 years old to play. Cognitive function in the brain, the first after taking into account the overall focus is local left-brain function, but before then and so the overall understanding of the local right-brain function. Schema allows the game to think about brain function more coordinated communication.
Game Six: apple
play: from the calendar to find a picture of a tree, cut some of the baby attached to the apple tree, note: cut and paste to do by your baby, do not ask for the baby like a beautifully cut, or paste, as long as he is willing to be creative yourself, parents will appreciate the look shown.
Tip: This game is suitable for babies over 4 years old to play, to develop the baby's ability and right hand coordination.
Game Seven: Beautiful bracelet
play: left of used envelopes, a cross cut into a ring, then ring and baby painted in their favorite patterns and colors, put it around your wrist fooled bracelet. Cause the baby to do a mother's interest, and then let him do it by yourself, to encourage the main, do not care about the baby is beautiful.
Tip: This game is suitable for babies over 4 years old to play with a variety of sensory activities, both hand movements, but also the feeling of color, pattern design, etc., is helpful for the development of the baby's right brain .
Game eight: a play about different
: Flexor: the left hand bend the thumb, little finger of his right hand bend at the same time, or left index finger flexion, while the right hand ring finger bent, the action may be slow to fast.
play two: refers to shouted the password and change position.
play three: Mount foot knock knee, left hand down to touch the heart of the left thigh, right fist, on the right thigh, shouting password Rub a knock, and other hands again when used under the password
Tip: This asymmetric action of the game for more than 5 years old baby to play. Baby by the time the action command to do asymmetric left and right brain constantly stimulated, the brain cells to expand the functional scope to enhance brain development.
Warm Tips:
game the game that is free, easy, enjoyable activities, particularly fond of the baby. Only the baby in the game to take the initiative and consciously accept the education, so mom and dad in real life as far as possible all kinds of games in the form of the baby to develop right-brain training.
comprehensive stimulate visual, auditory and language of the Mom and Dad can give within one hour after another to see the baby dinosaurs, flowers and other patterns, during which the interspersed songs, language, stories and other language stimulation. Because the baby is difficult to maintain interest in a long time the same stimulus, so the
new and exciting in the usual life, try not to let the baby go down the same old road, the old look the same book, same old with a small partner to play. May wish to send the baby to kindergarten deliberately change course, for the type of the baby choose the books might have more, to create the conditions so that the baby have the opportunity to make a variety of character and love of children, because the fresh experiences of active right brain function advantages.
painting paintings stimulate the right brain is the best way to develop one's ability to paint a comprehensive training, which includes many elements: such as the visual experience, ability, auditory description, language comprehension. Also improve the ability of drawing a good way to observe the baby. In the painting process, the right brain is more obvious on the experience curve, and the baby can do this game. Curve extension described and Lenovo, are more interesting and easy to implement way of painting.

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(CBS)  CBS News consultant Ret. Col. Mitch Mitchell wrote this piece for To anyone who has ever served in the military, General Petraeus' recent testimony before Congress on progress in Iraq should come as no surprise. He indicated that progress was "fragile and reversible," and Iraqi security forces are not ready to secure the country on their own. He and other senior leaders in Iraq know there are major problems with the Iraqi military that retard its abilities to be independent and self-sustaining.

We have trained the Iraqi military to perform the same missions we undertake, but fundamental differences between them and our forces underscore why we have reached the limits of success in Iraq. It may not be possible to achieve greater success than we've already achieved thus far in training Iraq's military forces to go it alone, except, perhaps, on the margins. The two problems the Iraqi military forces face are a weak logistics system and lack of capable leadership in both the officer and noncommissioned officer (NCO) ranks.

Left alone, the Iraqis cannot sustain their military with the supplies of war, because there is no national logistics system in place. We currently do that job. The costs of establishing and maintaining such a system far exceed what the Iraqis are willing or able to pay at present, so we do it for them. This contributes nothing to getting our troops home. It will take many years for the Iraqis to set up a logistics system that will support even the most basic military operations.

Soldiers can be trained to do any type of mission, but their success is directly dependent on the quality and motivation of the officers and NCOs who lead them. We have spent a great deal of time and money training the Iraqi officers and NCOs, but we have not seen much return on our investment. We can't train them to be motivated. After five years of working with them, we have seen some progress, but only to a point that does not give us confidence that they could act independently. They may have reached the point where they are not going to become any better than they are right now. If we stay with them chanel classic bag, they can maintain acceptable levels of security and stability in the country indefinitely.

The real question for the United States is whether we should stay in Iraq indefinitely and pay for the sustainment of its military. Without us, the Iraqi military leadership will have to stand alone or fail in the resurgence of violence that will surely follow our departure. We have taken them as far as we can. That should be made clear to them, and a forcing mechanism of continued withdrawals of U.S. forces to motivate them to become independent should be put in place now.

By Mitch Mitchell


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