Haiti Update


I just wanted to give a brief update on Haiti and the earthquake. Obviously the human toll is still being calculated and it is a disaster of biblical proportions. Although aid is streaming into the country, officials are still finding it difficult to get it to those who need it most. Last night we heard that amputations were being done with the only anesthetic being Motrin.

For our Parish, there has been some good news in all this. The school that we built is still standing although there are some cracks in the walls. The convent house that is home to the nuns who run the school is also still standing although it experienced some damage. The wall that we were building to secure the convent so that it can be used for farming received lots of damage. All of the nuns that run the school are o.k. We don't have much word on the children that attended the school. School was not in session when the earthquake hit so the nuns have had a hard time finding who's safe and who isn't. Finally an orphanage that we have a strong relationship with (here's a link describing the time I played soccer with some of the orphans) is ok and sustained no damage.

There has been some personal heartbreak too. Another school located in Leogane that our Parish had sponsored through financial support collapsed killing 150 students and the 4 nuns that ran it. The mission house where we stayed collapsed injuring some residents (but no deaths). Most of the people we had relationships with in Haiti have suffered greatly and most have lost many family members. There are also a couple of Americans in Haiti that we have not heard from.

With Haiti starting to slide off the front pages, it's easy to forget about their plight. Funds are still needed and remember to only give to organizations that have relationships in Haiti. The American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders are considered two of the best.


I seen a report on the news tonight that showed people fighting for food. The police and peacekeepers could really only watch and keep handing out the food. It made me feel actually ill. I couldn't stop thinking, "God, thank you that me and my family are not living through that..." Seeing that kind of mass desperation really puts things into a different perspective.

Hi. At my church this Sunday (Jan 24) we're having a special service for Haiti and I'm charge of decorating a small table up in front. I'd like to use some images of Haiti and I really love one of your photos posted here - the one showing a little girl looking right at the camera. Her shirt is off one shoulder. I asked Kinko's about printing it for me in a large format so people in the congregation can see it. Because of copyright restrictions they won't do it unless I have your permission. If this is OK with you could you send me an email saying so? I promise it's not for any commercial purpose, it would just be on display during our church service on Sunday.

Thanks very much! and thanks for posting these photos.

Ruth Baer
Lexington, KY

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