Jack Kerouac on the Steve Allen Show


Looks like it's lining up to be Jack Kerouac week here at LFAD. Above is a classic clip of Jack Kerouac reading from On The Road as Steve Allen accompanies on piano. I like this clip because it shows what 50 plus years have done to late night television like the Tonight Show. Fifty years ago, the host would accompany a poet(!) as he reads from his most famous book. Today, we get dick jokes.

I also love this reading. Kerouac reads in the breathless, manic style in which he wrote the book. It's exhilarating. You get a sense of the excitement of the road, the carefree openness that the road symbolizes to Kerouac. Try to read the entire book in this style, it's exhausting, which I think is its intent. Also Allen's jazzy piano is spot on, a nice accompaniment to the reading.

At the time of this reading On The Road had recently been published and this was by far the most exposure Kerouac had ever received (although On The Road had been glowingly reviewed by the NY Times). Kerouac looks nervous and fidgety and is obviously sweating, either from nervousness or the bright studio lights. Once Kerouac starts reading however (about 2 minutes into the clip), he settles down and I love the way he draws out Dean Mo-ri-ar-i-ty at the end.

If you ever wondered what the big deal was about Jack Kerouac, I think this clip illustrates how cool Kerouac and On the Road was. Although Kerouac would write a number of books that were well received, none would match the energy of On The Road and unfortunately Kerouac would descend into raging alcoholism, passing away in 1969 basically from alcohol destroying his liver.


Cool clip, free. Man, if what the world needs isn't another Steve Allen...

Loved On the Road when I first read it as a college freshman. When I re-read it a year ago, the romance peeled away and exposed Jack's many flaws as a writer. Call me older. wiser, more cynical. The Beats didn't really go on.

Well there is that famous Truman Capote quote after he read On The Road: that's not writing, that's typing.

That's a great clip.

When was the last time you saw an author on a variety show?

It's a great read for me, Has to admit that you are one of the better writers I ever saw.

trick fifteen
walk slowly, whisper
personally very important, adults will learn how the children. Lu Shanghai encountered a rare teacher, teaching children to walk slowly, speak softly, people can hear just fine, do not be so loud. Back home, the district's kindergarten teacher to teach children to hoist the voice to sing, I look at the side, thinking over, the little lady to develop a long cultural assimilation by the Han school, ha ha, now full of personality as niu dry noodles , the child of a Spice Girls. Environment is very powerful, almost no possibility of not being assimilated.

trick six
refused antibiotics!
fever is the process of growing children, is to enhance resistance to the process. My baby has a fever the most common is to use ice, with a zipper plastic bag of ice, with a clean towel wrapped ice in the body, 30 minutes, some fever. Merrill Lynch burning fiercely with points or Tylenol. If it is cold a cold without fever, do not let the kids hanging nose, like a few days. Do not believe any drug can cure a cold. So far, in addition to last year's foot and mouth was outside the hospital lie in that time, my family with two children has never been linked to salt water and injected antibiotics. In the U.S., is the kind of die of the disease before injection of antibiotics, injection room in the Chinese landscape, terrified niu father, that scene scared people, he said. Rows of fluids, thugs who starts playing at the foot of the child mother father grandparents accompany hanging under the brine. Camp is none other than that, terrible. Money do not say, even more frightening is the body's retention of a variety of toxic bacteria in World War II, more and more salt to the periodic need to hang suppressed, often heard my mother say, a little pressure symptoms immediately hang down, very proud. I am very sorry for their ignorance. My children are increasingly robust, never sick, sick days are also their own good, almost no treatment. Neighbor's children go to the hospital at midnight, tired of their feet this way, this point of view I am a good mother.

trick sixteen
as long as there is no danger, try to encourage the baby, Feel
Chinese parents more than etiquette, too timid. Encourage your baby, as long as there is no danger, do not stop the children with their hands to try and understand the world. Big deal clothes dirty, the floor rolling baby time is very short, turned a rice soup, the big deal that they will sweep back and even learn to use chopsticks to eat, play in the water big deal for a cold, uncomfortable shoes into a big deal to play hard sand clean. In short there are a lot of fun and rules and regulations hinder the children, to promote our little angels are growing fast to become adults, become obedient and sensible child. Happy first important, dirty clothes is not important as long as there is no danger, do not stop my children.

trick seven
bath every day, with water, less shower gel
my two baby is healthy is another reason for a bath every day, every day, take a bath is necessary. I remember giving birth out, ready to listen to my mother's teachings lie still, intend to take a bath before coming to the next day, the nurse was surprised to pull me up and take a bath . I was mistaken as a dirty mother was dragged to the bath, of course, to note that I was born two are natural delivery. Maternal this, let alone a child? Large amount of exercise every day a child, going to the toilet pee smell what bromidrosis milk flavor are sure to take a bath, not until the next wash. This is also an important reason for ill health do not, they will not catch cold, and resistance to ten times stronger than adults. Doctors explained: baby bath with water as much as possible, then brand-name baby products such as clean water is not good, do not use any shower gel, shampoo, water the best! The doctor said do not try to be sure to use the words of one week with a shower gel like, three days with my family once (I think one week is too long, and psychological).

how to trick a baby cry
BABY crying all parents to teach them. Little BABY born did not understand, they do judge by the conditioned reflex. Chinese parents heard the child crying on the hold up. JANE GU doctors repeatedly told me: put down to a crying child, cry just hold up, just turn. As a result, the small children can understand, cry, when only too hold, this move very spiritual. Down to start training a child crying, watching the clock, do not hold her tears, ready to hold again for 10 minutes. For the first time can be set to 5 minutes later than the last time stretched, my first time there is no coming niu 5 minutes, about three and a half, when stopped, and I have been distressed Ganchangcunduan own almost cried, some to hold back. Let the child know that crying is not known to the mother. Training God bless, have two children, my family will not have no reason to cry, cry about as a movement is occasionally a very small number, niu, and Miu Miu are 100% happy baby, lying in bed, the children are giggling out loud.

trick eleven
do you change diapers?
nonsense, raising children who do not change diapers? Oh, not necessarily. Do you have sprayed urine or by the child going to the toilet when it smell? 5 day wash my sheets record. When changing diapers, every time a new aunt to be re-teach it again, the trick is to clean and smelly diapers diapers on the following, and then open the diaper, clean out of, so even if the child just the right again and then the urine, you sheets saved. Used to do after an accident never happened.

trick four
tummy sleeping beauty
personal experience to support the children sleep peacefully upturned tummy to sleep than before the heart of a child born down, almost surprised not surprised the state, to imitate the uterus wrapped state. Another big advantage is to change the Asian pie face, within 5 days of one hour to help the baby fell out, five days later, my family will have their own little girl turned around freely of. Niu is a standard little face, and when born generous face seem to have become a child, Oh, proud. Miu Miu second child's face did not deliberately do so, then niu need care, no energy one hour turn the energy of the head, unfortunately. This opportunity only in the birth to be valid for three months, a big useless.

trick thirteen
eat breakfast cereals
4 months Chimi Fen another big point of eating together with adults, children grow up less likely to eclipse, as adults eat breakfast food for your children. Six teeth, when, JANE GU doctors said she had several teeth that can eat a lot of things, everything can be fed, no not to eat.

I gave birth to two children in the United States, both before and after childbirth training, family doctor every time I benefited from brainwashing, my two babies behaved as if a baby is no baby at home, I even suspect that they will not cry? Now take the phrase nonsense grandmother often laugh at me. After returning to see friends or neighbors are small ancestors tortured exhausted, thinking of the mother by writing down, may be able to help small ancestors confused rush to be mentally and physically exhausted young parents. Thanks again for the famous Southern California, pediatricians JANE GU, in recent years under the guidance of her life have learned a lot about child care benefits.

trick nine
baby nurse to sleep how to do?
BABY was holding my mother comfortable and safe, did not eat and fell asleep, woke up and ate two, suffering mother, the baby eating enough sleep, harm to others. Training in the most useful trick to learn how to wake the child so that they can concentrate on feeding, is to undress! Have got left off the diaper, the doctor told me, rest assured, you hold her mother's body temperature, this temperature can guarantee the baby will not catch cold, the temperature just right, BABY a little chilly, they will carefully meal (meal is really what she said , Oh). Rest assured, these seemingly fragile little thing, with out the mother from her mother's resistance 10 times stronger than adults, breast-feeding mothers is not easy to disease, which is the reproduction of power. (Of course, there is a certain indoor temperature warm, no air conditioning cold regions of the country who do not control imitate misunderstanding)

trick five
baby's resistance to ten times stronger than your father and mother
wear two, the baby should not wear two and a half, only to wear less than you can not wear more than you. Two children, my family are very strong, hot and cold is actually very good control, I see children being children's hospital with fever flower quilt jacket wrapped in layers of, ah poor, the children can not speak, are the parents of victims.

trick twelve
belch you shoot it?
position one, lying on the shoulder, pat on the back of the child, this is the traditional posture, often not easy to take out belch.
position two: let the children sit on the leg side, left hand holding the child's neck, propped his chin, right hand shot back, so that high efficiency, typically more than a dozen to shoot a belch. Went to bed last meal of milk, be sure to feed enough, finished belch continue to feed, house Miu Miu 2 weeks I slept all night is 用这招, finished belch can be given 2-3 times, until she really not eat, and small mouth bottle deliberately alienate the state, Miu Miu can Shuidaotianliang.

trick seventeen
is the most important move, twice a day can only criticize!
parents can not easily criticize the baby a day, can only criticize twice, so tomorrow's run out of quota on it. Such a careful account of the American teacher. As a result, the baby grandmother said: criticized the

trick eight
mother did not milk enough to eat, do not want to breast-feeding mother
only eat half the world to 2-year-old the happiest baby. JANE GU doctor said, not enough to eat milk the mother, only do not want to breast-feeding mother, the child's food intake much, mother's milk, there are that many, twins of the same mother's milk enough for two children to eat. That I failed, even though GU doctor strokes a circle, she told me how much your child to eat, how much you will be able to produce, do you think milk is not enough, add milk into it, it really is not enough milk, and finally no the fact that less and less until I was really gone. Children can not speak, she did not eat very difficult to know, my mother feel less give up breast milk, to make up the milk, in fact, told his body, I can only produce so much. To believe he can take the lead competent cows. If you have another, we must prove it. Went to the hospital the third day of the birth of a child to participate in stool. Doctors have stripped the child, including diapers, and then the weight is accurate to say BABY 2 digits after the decimal point. Then let us hold her child, wearing diapers are not allowed to wear clothes. Doctors to teach mothers how to make one child a quasi-bite nipple on how to protect the nipple, a training session, there will be other mothers to use free of charge under the breast milk machine, with plastic bags to go home. I just slowly started shy and awkward no, Oh, I eat at home do not know how much niu, which is just great, one class down, immediately called the children of weight, I eat a lot of niu, like the first day two, before and after the data to prove, I have milk.

trick ten
breast is best male doctor asked you breastfeed or formula, I said milk. He points out that squeeze into the child's eyes, BABY will be good. What? I waited a long time to wait in line for emergency so sent me home. Then do the same, breast milk when the drug after a few days really brought the matter to niu,Coach bags 2011, whether breast milk reason is unclear, perhaps a bit too American doctors Huyou truth it. Short breast milk is a good thing.

trick two
how to make the newborn baby to sleep Shuidaotianliang
American doctors repeatedly criticize me: you are not a good mother, a Shuidaotianliang kids next door, next door to my mother a good mother, you are not ! Every time I see a family doctor be criticized, because I want to nurse 1-2 times a night, very tired very hard to complain about raising children. The doctor told me an idea: do not eat human night! I foolishly asked, Why? Doctors had no choice but cried: because we are human! I am impressed, girl dad bent over a long laugh. Obviously, I am worried BABY hungry at night is simply the extra 10 to 12 hours of continuous sleep, the child is 100 times more important than nursing! We are suffering badly niu boss, at the bad habit of eating a meal of milk has been extended to 2 years old soon. Old-age two, when according to doctors said, so my husband and I completely freed from birth to my house Miu Miu is a week away from 5 hours to nurse training, two weeks later, the children will be able to sleep dawn. Do not need feeding at night! ! ! (Three exclamation point is to ask the mothers remember the meaning of)

trick fourteen
not damage the baby's attention span
another small baby playing with toys or watch television or read a picture book, when your family or anyone other aunt interrupted them. Even the time to eat, come later does not matter. Foster the children's concentration is equivalent to train them grow up to concentrate to do anything. My home niu concentration well, she likes to do, such as puzzles, not the rise of a few hours one afternoon, no one called her, in addition to pee outside. Fear that the elders were yelling with the baby, thinking smart, ask questions while watching TV. Shut up, be quiet. Give your child a dedicated environment right.

trick three
how to let your baby sleep quietly, not to rock the
doctor said, a happy BABY will sleep in the bed singing (not sung, is baby babble)! Most babies need time spent in bed, Mom and Dad are here, please remember, the bed is not moving! So, pick up the baby when not shake, do not move back and forth, not to coax children to sleep so gently on the bed so he slept just fine. Again, the bed is not moving. Mom and Dad you have no right to deprive children the right to enjoy the pleasures of lying in bed. There are even more important is, do not force parents and excited children

When my son was born just a little over one year ago, one of the first thoughts I had was, "How will we ever afford to send him to college?" I started running rough calculations and realized that we would need to put aside almost $15,000 per year taking into account a 5% growth rate and accounting for modest increases in the cost of attending a four-year college. This simplistic calculation did not account for the fact that we would have so many expenses with a newborn including daycare or the fact that we would like to have more than one child.

I want to thanks for the efforts you have put in composing this blog post. I am hoping the same top-quality blog post from you in the upcoming as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own blog now. Truly the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a good example of it.


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