Taco Bell's Drive Through Diet?



If you watched any football over the weekend, you undoubtedly saw commercials with Christine, the woman who, using the "Taco Bell Drive Through Diet," lost 54 pounds. My first reaction is that she lost that much weight from the diarrhea she experienced from eating so much Taco Bell. But if you look at the fine print, she says she reduced her total daily calorie intake by 500 calories to 1,250 calories by choosing Fresco items and "making other sensible choices."

Since Taco Bell's Fresco menu replaces the cheese with salsa, the Fresco items are about 50 calories less than the basic Taco Bell swill you usually get. In other words she would have to eat 10 Taco Bell Fresco items a day and then switch to the Fresco items to get that 500 calorie reduction. Yikes!! Maybe I wasn't too far off with my diarrhea assessment. Or perhaps "making other sensible choices" was the key to Kristine's weight loss.

The Taco Bell lawyers are all over the ad campaign too as they splash phrases such as "The Drive-Thru Diet is not a weight loss program," "These results aren't typical... " and "Fresco is not a low calorie food" all over the commercial. Clearly they were concerned about being accused of promoting a new diet plan.

Weight loss isn't rocket science and you don't need special diets or hang with Subway's Jared or Taco Bell's Christine to lose weight. All you have to do is reduce the number of calories you consume and exercise more than you do now. It's that simple. Plus you won't have to go to Taco Bell every day. Yuck!


You know what is really pathetic is that Taco Bell is the same company that sells half pound burritos (proudly!) and encourages people to eat a 4th meal every night. I still like their chili-cheese burritos though.

Cross-promotional opportunities abound: Depends, Charmin, Tucks, Gold Bond Medicated Powder...

The sensible choice would be the Drive Past Diet. I approach Taco Bell the same way I do the processed 'cheese like product' they pour on nachos at sporting events. Once in a very long while and with a pronounced feeling of foreboding.

Oddly enough it was the Taco Bell drive through that and friend and I tried "walking" through to obtain some food after a Jason Isbell show at the Turf Club (the inside of the "restaurant" was closed). They denied us food because we were not in a car.

Probably turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Yes i am very suspect about the taco bell diet. Honestly if you eat less calories then an individual. But with proper exercise and dieting you can lose weight without eating fast food.

Every Other Day Diet program is designed to help people lose weight in a healthy way without making them give up their favorite food. In fact, Jon Benson this guide creator of this program states that this is the only way to lose weight in a healthy way and to keep it off into the future.

Taco Bell...as a diet. wow, I guess consuming grade D meat has an upside. It probably destroys the will to eat.

If excess weight loss were as uncomplicated as calories in versus. calories out, then how come some fat people today consume a smaller amount yet STILL can't burn an ounce?

This is a crazy trend, its happening here in Australia with dominoes being endorsed by the biggest loser. What happened to eating real food?

PS next big idea "the diarrhea diet" someone alert oprah

I think the key to losing weight is doing exercises that you find fun and your actually emjoying doing it. Some workouts you feel like your just doing it to lose weight but you can’t stand the workout. Dancing is fun and a way to drop the pounds as well as have fun as your losing the weight.

It's interesting that these types of campaigns persist in the food industry, yet so many people scratch their heads and wonder where their Diabetes came from.

Ad campaigns like these target people who want to lose weight. They offer them a magic bullet, knowing all too well that when faced with the decision at their restaurant, the hopeful dieters can't resist temptation.

Genius from a marketing perspective, horrifying from a health perspective.

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