Drop a Quad Mick


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Last night in the half pipe competition Sean White was already assured a Gold Medal but still had one more run yet to complete. On top of the hill, celebrating his Gold Medal White had the following discussion with his buds/coaches on how to approach the last, meaningless run:

"Do whatever you want man."
"What do you think?"
"Do whatever you want, have some fun, what do you want to do?"
"I don't know man, fly down the middle?"
"Drop a Quad Mick?"

Now of course Drop a Quad Mick means spinning 1260 degrees including a head over heals flip about 25 feet above the top of the half pipe. No one else can do this and it absolutely has no bearing on whether or not he gets the Gold or not. Who cares, drop a quad mick.

He nails it, it looks cool as hell and Sean White, already a huge star, cements his place along Lindsey Vonn as the star of the Olympics.

Now I would love to include a video of his run but NBC only has a 10 minute clip and there is no way to embed it. And NBC doesn't allow any coverage to show up on youtube. So if you didn't see it, go to NBC.com, it's easy to find there. Also I am sure it will be shown over and over on the Olympics coverage. It's well worth it.


Why does the helicopter lean to the left on take-off? This is due to the normal gyroscopic effect of the blade rotation. With practice you will soon learn to compensate for this.

This was totally sick! I remember watching this. Can't believe it's been a year already since the Vancouver games :(


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