Dylan Meets Donovan

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In the movie Dont Look Back, the singer Donovan practically deserves second billing. He is everywhere in the movie as it was during the time that Dylan was being filmed in England coincided with the height of Donovan being hyped as "The New Dylan." Donovan posters were all over London and Bob Dylan was asked repeatedly about his reaction to Donovan.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Donovan and Dylan finally meet in a London hotel room. It's a little awkward at first but then Donovan offers to play a song that he just wrote. The crowd agrees to hear it and Donovan sings a vaguely Dylanesque song (including a tune he stole from Dylan) Its positively dreadful but Bob is right there listening intently.

Dylan then takes the guitar and says he has a new song too and commences to play It's All Over Now Baby Blue (which had only been recently released). Of course he blows Donovan away. There's a shot late in the clip where the camera is focused on Donovan and you can tell he just wants to get out of there, thinking to himself why did I ever try to compare my song to Dylan's? It's a classic scene and a rare look into the two musicians facing off. Enjoy!

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