Its a Dark Winter for Minnesota Sports

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It's becoming a lost Winter here in Dinkytown as we look at the Golden Gophers. The hockey team is barely middle of the pack and can't even get two wins against a lackluster Alaska team. A NCAA playoff run is a pipedream at best. My how far this mighty program as fallen.

As for men's hoops this was supposed to be the year that the basketball team competed in the Big Ten, get a decent seed in the NCAA tourney and actually make some noise. With about a month in the season, Tubby's team has yet to have a signature win, is losing key players to academics and crime, and the Sophomores haven't shown a whole lot of growth (I'm looking at you Ralph Sampson and Colton Iverson). NIT is staring at this team real hard.

Finally Gophers football. When we last saw this team it was losing a boring game to a very average Iowa State team in a minor bowl. Since then a number of players have had runs in with the law, Coach Brewster got a contract extension that made the fan base feel worse about the program, and national signing day came and went with a lackluster recruiting class.

Of course the big news was the loss of Seantrell Henderson to USC. This one doesn't bother me as much. If the football big boys want one of our players, it's going to be hard to stop them. USC, Ohio State, Texas, Florida, Notre Dame just offer too much compared to what Minnesota can. Although, Brewster did say that he'd get some of those guys once in a while. But we're still waiting. What really bothers me is that we lost some of the "border battles" too. Beau Allen was a nice defensive linemen who is going to Wisconsin. The Gopher should be getting the Beau Allen's over Wisconsin as they have nothing that the U of MN can't also offer. Tobi Okuyemi going to Nebraska is another example.

In fact if one looks at the Gophers recruits, there's not a whole lot to get excited about. Many of the players who signed here really had no place else to go in D-1. Minnesota was their only D-1 or big time school offer. Now the reason Tim Brewster is the Gopher's coach is because he reportedly could recruit. Unfortunately the reality of his poor record and lousing coaching is catching up with the bullshit he slings and 18 year old kids are seeing through it (something I think will happen to USC's Lane Kiffen too - Good Luck Seantrell). Also having a middling recruiting class is o.k. if you can demonstrate an ability to "coach 'em up." Brewster has shown absolutely no ability to come close to taking o.k. kids and making then good players.

So it's dark days as far as our sports teams go here in Minnesota. The Vikings crushed our soul. Again. The T-Wolves show no glimmer of hope, the Wild are middle of the pack, all Gopher's mens teams have major major issues and Lindsey Vonn (above) states, right be before the Olympics, that she's a Coloradan, not a Minnesotan. Thank god for baseball, where pitchers and catchers report in 15 days. Boy do we need it.

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