MLB10 -- The Show


Most Twins fans know that Joe Mauer will be on the cover of the next MLB10 video game (Baseball's equivalent to Madden). It's release date is in early March and most video guys are really geeking out over it.

Besides Mauer on the cover, Minnesota fans are excited because we get to see some good first views of Target Field in play. Take at look at the video above, lots of shots of Target Field (and a Mauer homerun to boot). Also click here for a longer clip that includes some shots of the Minneapolis skyline (and Jim Thome in uniform).

From all reports this game is going to be awesome and the game playing fun. I can't wait.


Is there a MLB10 curse? Some of the guys that have graced the cover of the Madden game have never been heard from again.

2006 -- David Ortiz
2007 -- David Wright
2008 -- Ryan Howard
2009 -- Dustin Pedroia

I think we're safe!

That was a cool shot of the Minneapolis skyline off of right field in the 2nd (longer) clip. Can't wait for the real thing!

What's up with Joe's upper lip in that clip? Has he been hanging out with Jeter?


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