Republicans Are Crazy



Yesterday a survey was released that looks at the views of over 2000 self-identified Republicans and the results are amazing. Bottom line is that Republicans are fast becoming a fringe group with views and opinions way outside the mainstream of American thought. Look at the chart above that highlights some of the results.

64% of Republicans think or aren't sure that Obama was born outside of the U.S. 53% think Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Obama. Only 8 percent think gays should be able to teach in school. The list goes on. Here's the full survey.

This survey shows that the Republican faithful are so outside of the political mainstream it's difficult for Dems to govern with them. It is also pushing elected officials, who I believe aren't as crazy, (Michelle Bachman excepted) to move rightward. Also although it appears that Republicans will do well in the next election, once the American public looks closely at what Republicanism stands for in 2010, they will be rejected once again.

I'll leave you with this one stat from the survey: 23 percent of republicans (33% southerners) want their state to secede from the union. Way to love your country Republicans! Also I would love to see how well Alabama or Mississippi, or Texas would fare without sucking at the Federal teat


A survey promoted by the Daily Kos is going to be considered by Republicans and conservative independents as being as reliable as one promoted by Fox News would be considered by Democrats and liberal independents, don't you think?

I'm not saying the survey is invalid, I'm saying consider the source. The Daily Kos isn't exactly a fan of the GOP and that the survey might demonstrate an anti-Republican bias. However reliable, above board and accurate Research 2000 may be, there are going to be doubts because of the Daily Kos affiliation.

Suppose Fox News was touting a survey conducted by Research 2000 indicating that Democrats are "crazy." Would you be so willing to endorse that survey?

Dr. Dim,

I was waiting for a comment like this. First the survey was sponsored by Kos but it was conducted by a firm called Research 2000 which is considered non-partisan and pretty much above board. But also that's why I included a link to the cross tabs in the post. You can look at the data, how they conducted the research and look at the actual questions asked. Go to that link and come back here and tell me what was done in this poll to look make Republicans look wackier than they really are. This was a scientifically conducted poll sponsored by an admittedly left wing blog.

I wouldn't have predicted those results from a random poll. That doensn't mean they're not accurate. My experience has been that there are plenty of loonies at the fringes of both parties. I’m increasingly frustrated at the amount of time and energy that both parties spend attacking each other and the lack of apparent effort that they both spend ‘governing’ (at both the state and federal levels).

I agree that the Democrats can be dominated by the far left at times but if you polled Dems they wouldn't have views as far out there as this poll indicated Republicans are.

Tell me, how can there be a productive discussion on Don't Ask Don't Tell when only 8 percent of republicans think gays should teach?

I agree that the Democrats can be dominated by the far left at times....

I dare you to come up with two. You mean the way the Dems fought for single payer? For leaving Afghanistan? For really putting it to the big banks?

I can't think of one time the party gave in to the far left.

Read my comment again.

I didn't say the survey was conducted by Daily Kos, I didn't say that Research 2000 was a partisan organization out to make Republicans look bad, I didn't say the survey was invalid or inaccurate, I didn't say Republicans weren't crazy. I merely pointed out how the survey would likely be perceived by Republicans and conservative independents because of the Daily Kos affiliation.

I then suggested that if Fox News had sponsored Research 2000 to conduct a similar survey of Democrats, in which the results were touted by Fox News as showing Democrats to be "crazy," you wouldn't be as willing to endorse the survey. Nor would the Daily Kos. No matter how scientifically the survey had been conducted. (I did follow the link and look over the survey results before I wrote my initial comment, by the way.)

We all tend to think our own views of world issues are mainstream or, at least, should be. And we are very prone to confirmation bias. We can also read things into a comment that weren't there. Perception is a powerful thing, which is exactly my point.

Honestly, by what I've written in this comment and the previous one, can you really tell what I think about Republicans?


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