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Confirmed! Matt's Has Best Jucy Lucy

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About a year ago I talked about how I thought Matt's Bar Jucy Lucy was the best and only Jucy Lucy in Minneapolis. Some still claim that the 5-8 Club has a better Jucy Lucy. In my mind it really comes down to style. Matt's is old school. There is only one version of a Jucy Lucy and you can order with or without onions, either raw or cooked. So basically you have three versions of the Jucy Lucy. The 5-8 Club has all kinds of Juicy Lucies, with different cheeses and different add-ons. Now this may appeal to some folks, but it isn't a true Jucy Lucy.

Finally the debate has been settled. Last night on the Travel Channel's Food Wars show, Matt's went head to head with the 5-8 Club and after a blind test taste, Matt's won. So there you have it. A reality show on a lower tier cable channel proves that Matt's Jucy Lucy is the best. Can we now end this debate.

X on David Letterman

I first saw X in the summer of 1982 at the old Guthrie Theater. It was a fun show but since it was at the Guthrie, the ushers wouldn't allow anyone to get up and move, which was a bummer. The Guthrie was trying to be all cutting edge and stuff but not that cutting edge.

I first came across X in the movie Decline of Western Civilization, which chronicled the late 70's, early 80's L.A. punk scene. The interviewer asked John Doe why their songs were so dark and depressing and he responded that life is dark and depressing and it's not all fun fun fun until her daddy took her T-bird away.

This video is from the early 80's when Letterman actually had some cool bands from time to time. The first song is o.k. but the interview is funny. X then finishes with a blistering version of Breathless. Enjoy.

Friday Random Top 10


Wow, that Xavier/K-State game was one for the ages. This is one of my favorite weekends chock full of college basketball and hockey. Let's start it off with a Friday Random Top 10:

1. Vicar in a Tutu -- The Smith
2. Via Chicago -- Wilco
3. Papa was a Rodeo -- Kelly Hogan and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
4. Stop Your Sobbing -- The Pretenders
5. Raised In the City -- The Replacements
6. Faraway Eyes -- The Handsome Family
7. All You Fascists -- Billy Bragg and Wilco
8. Drug Train -- Social Distortion
9. Garageland -- The Clash
10. French Film Blurred -- Wire

Bonus: -- About You -- Teenage Fanclub

Little 70's and 80's punk vibe going there, I'm liking this list. What's your top 10?

Why Health Care Reform WON'T Be Repealed

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Now that Health Care reform has been adopted, Republicans like Michelle Bachman have vowed to repeal it. In fact even before President Obama signs the bill into law, repeal efforts are ramping up. The sad fact for these people is that health care reform is not going to be repealed.

Most obvious is that even if Republicans win both the House and Senate (a remote possibility) and pass a repeal law the first day of the new session, President Obama will veto the measure and it is extremely unlikely that the Republicans will have the votes to override a veto. So a credible repeal effort will have to wait until 2013 at the minimum if a Republican can defeat Obama in 2012.

But even if that happens what provisions would the Republicans actually repeal? The $250 payment to seniors to help pay for prescriptions? The elimination of insurance company-imposed yearly and lifetime benefit caps? The ability of insurance companies to deny you insurance due to a "pre-existing condition" or drop your coverage because you got sick? Maybe they will repeal the provision that allows you to keep your kid on your family's insurance coverage until the age of 26 or maybe they will take away the tax credit to small businesses to help pay for health insurance coverage.

No the bottom line is that many provisions of the health care reform will prove to be quite popular with the American public, just like government-sponsored Medicare is with senior citizens. See that's what the Republican's are afraid of. That America will like health care reform. The problem is that once the American public finds out that grandma isn't going to face a death panel, that 1/6 of the economy hasn't been taken over by the government, that they and their family members can't be denied health care, it's all over for the Republicans and that they will be found out for what they truly are: an idea-berift political party full of grumpy old cranks that don't know anything other than how to oppose progress. And that's why they want to repeal the health care reform.


Today a survey by USA Today shows that support for the health care bill has increased. By 49%-40% those surveyed say it was "a good thing" rather than a bad one that Congress passed the bill. Half describe their reaction in positive terms, as "enthusiastic" or "pleased," while about four in 10 describe it in negative ways, as "disappointed" or "angry."

The largest single group, 48%, calls the bill "a good first step" that should be followed by more action on health care.

Once the general public finds out more about about this bill, support will increase even more. The ones who will be making it an issue in November are the Democrats.

Oh What a Weekend



Lots going on over the last few days, let's review:

Twins sign Joe Mauer.
Eight years at $23M per year. Probably not a hometown discount but a fair deal nonetheless. Twins have proven that with their glorious new ballpark, they are willing to spend money, which some dunderheads thought wouldn't happen. After a slow start, gotta give Twins GM an A- for his off-season efforts to improve the Twins. Also open houses at Target Field have people jacked up for the Twins. Given that Wild, Twolves, Gophers are done, the field is wide open for a lot of Twins love.

Health Care. Obama has done something that has eluded Presidents since Teddy Roosevelt. In a couple of years we are going to be asking what the sturm and drang was all about regarding this debate. Fascinating politics and policy discussion for those interested in watching.

March Madness. My bracket is blown up as I had Kansas winning it all. However even before that I was in deep trouble. My upsets didn't come through and I missed the upsets that did happen. Big Ten has three teams in sweet 16 so let's put to rest the discussion that Big Ten basketball somehow isn't as good as other conferences. Also can we start calling the Big East the Big Least? Tubby went one and done again although Xavier looks like a team that could do some more damage. I was disappointed in the Gopher's season and although respect Tubby as a program coach, have some serious questions about his in game coaching decisions.

Video Stores. Our local Hollywood Video is going out of business which means we have to join the world of Netflix. It is sad because the loss of the local video store means one less place for human interaction. Invariably we would run into friends and colleagues at the Video store, can't do that on-line ordering a movie. Pretty soon the only time you come across a human will be at their funeral.

Alex Chilton. Lots of good articles if you want to search. Paul Westerberg had a nice remembrance in the New York Times. You can read it here.

Friday Random Top 10


Saw an excellent Ike Reilly show last night at the Entry. Also my bracket while listing, is still in play. Let's do a top 10:

1. You Ain't Gotta Dance (demo) -- The Replacements
2. Everlasting Everything -- Wilco
3. We Are The Ones -- The Avengers
4. What Have You Done? -- William Shatner
5. All Blues -- Miles Davis
6. The Line -- Bruce Springsteen
7. Silver -- The Pixies
8. Absolutely Sweet Marie -- Bob Dylan
9. All Shook Up -- Elvis Presley
10. Nature Boy -- Nat King Cole

Bonus: Better Days -- The Jayhawks

Lot of heavy hitters on that list. What's your top 10?

Alex Chilton 1950-2010


Forty-something hipster dudes with black plastic framed glasses (ahem) everywhere are mourning the death of Alex Chilton today. Seems appropriate that in 2010 I hear about his death through a tweet on my cell phone. A great songwriter who inspired many of the bands that are scattered throughout my i-pod, Alex Chilton's death is another one of those markers that remind us that life marches on inexorably toward death.

I can't think of a better tribute than the video above of Paul Westerberg singing Alex

Also here's a nice article about Alex Chilton.

Target Field -- Almost There


I got another private tour of Target Field on a glorious Monday. Here are some cool pics I took.

From the Metropolitan Club

Nice Big Scoreboard

The middle black flagpole came from the old Met Stadium

From the pressbox

The Killer

Celebration sign and downtown skyline


Those last two are the view from my seat

The view from the $375 $275 seats

Welcome to Target Field!!

There are a lot of real nice details throughout the ballpark. I think people are going to be blown away once they get inside. I can't wait.

Nirvana on SNL


Nirvana had just released its follow-up album to Nevermind and everyone from record executives to teenage boys were waiting with bated breath to see what they would pull off. 10 days after the album release, Nirvana was booked on SNL to help publicize the album, not that it needed any attention.

You can image the horror on the record executive and SNL producer's faces when Nirvana came out and sang the song Rape Me. In addition to the the definitely non-radio friendly title, the lyrics, though not explicit, were pretty aggressive: Rape me, Rape me my friend, Hate me, do it again and again.

Actually Nirvana wanted to play this song at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards but MTV wouldn't let them. They decided on Lithium instead but started playing a few bars of Rape Me to mess with MTV, almost leading MTV to go to a commercial.

The song was renamed "Waif Me" for Wal-Mart and Kmart stores, which found the actual title too controversial.

It is generally well documented that Cobain was high on heroin during this version and if you can get past the lyrics it's a pretty rockin' song. Also Cobain maintained that the song wasn't about actual rape, but about what the music industry was doing to his music.

Friday Random Top 10


Bike's in the shop for its annual tune-up. Snow and ice will be gone this week. It won't be long. Here's a top 10 to celebrate:

1. Jill Can Drive -- Trip Shakespeare
2. Her Majesty -- The Beatles
3. Wait Up -- Uncle Tupelo
4. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry -- Cowboy Junkies
5. Bodies -- Sex Pistols
6. I Can See Clearly Now -- Soul Asylum
7. God Damn Job -- The Replacements
8. My Oklahoma Home - Bruce Springsteen
9. You Can't Do That -- The Beatles
10. Just a Closer Walk With Thee -- Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

Bonus: That Lucky Old Sun -- Johnny Cash

Almost exactly a year after I became known on the intertubes as "the guy who hates The Beatles" I have two Beatles songs. Go figure. At 23 seconds, Her Majesty is only tied for 16th as shortest song on my I-pod. Shortest song? Relaxing With Lee (False Start) by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie at 8 seconds. What's your shortest song?

Joe Nathan's Injury


joe nathan.jpg

Everyone is up in arms (ha ha) over Joe Nathan's season-ending, if not career-ending, injury. While definitely a blow to the Twins chances, as Gleeman points out here, it's not the end of the world. Of course any blogger worth his or her stripes has put out an analysis of the Twins bullpen and who should be the closer. Jon Rauch is seen as the logical choice, however Francisco Liriano has emerged as a dark horse. I think everyone is on the same page that we want to limit the Crain wrecks to the 7th or 8th inning. And please let's leave the John Smoltz discussion at home.

In my opinion, a key to the Twins success this year is that Liriano is lights out for 200 innings, so unless he clearly demonstrates that he can't pitch for 6-7 innings, I don't want to see him in the bullpen. I'd love to see a bullpen by committee approach, at least early in the year. The role of the closer is kind of weird anyway. Sometimes the key inning to shut down your opponent is the 7th or 8th inning. Why should your best short-inning pitcher be limited to the 9th? Why not take a "Stopper" approach where your best pitcher is put out in the where the match-ups favor the pitcher. If the 4, 5, and 6 hitter are up in the 8th inning, I want my best bullpen pitcher out there. Save the 7, 8, and 9 hitters for someone else.

Unfortunately Gardenhire seems to take a more traditional stand in his managerial duties and I am guessing he will go with one designated closer. Probably Jon Rauch until the wheels come off. However he and the Twins may be better served by a Stopper approach and not the traditional Closer approach.

What do you think?

Sex Pistols' Last Song -- No Fun


This performance of the Iggy and the Stooges song No Fun was the last song ever performed by the Sex Pistols and it comes from the infamous 1977-78 tour of the United States.

By the time the Sex Pistols had gotten to San Francisco Johnny Rotten had had enough of the Sex Pistols, the tour, and their manager Malcolm McClure McLaren. The entire show can be seen on you tube and it's actually pretty good, but I always like this song, not only because it's the last song ever, but it totally sums up what it was like being a Sex Pistol -- No Fun.

The end has probably one the greatest kiss-offs of any lead singer to an audience: "Ah ha ha ha... ever get the feeling you've been cheated. Good Bye." And that was the end. Later, Rotten said the remark was more directed at himself than it was to the audience.

So enjoy, and if you are interested, the rest of the concert is easy to find on you tube.

Friday Random Top 10


I picked out my Twins tix last night. Better start sucking up if you want to go to a game.

1. Mindless Child of Motherhood -- The Kinks
2. Never Let Go -- Tom Waits
3. Slipping (Into Something) -- The Feelies
4. My Uptight Life -- Teenage Fanclub
5. You Must Be A Witch -- The Lollypop Shoppe
6. Take Me! -- The Wedding Present
7. From a Motel 6 -- Yo La Tengo
8. Down By The River -- Neil Young
9. Season of the Shark -- Yo La Tengo
10. Car Song -- Woodie Guthrie

Bonus: Where there is Smoke, There is Fire -- Urban Guerrillas

Very nice list. When are the Feelies going to come to the hinterland?

Pink Floyd -- Interstellar Overdrive


This is by far my favorite Pink Floyd Song and this rare video has the extra treat of showing Syd Barrett playing guitar. Video actually comes in 2 parts, but part 1 has some fleeting NSFW images. Includes some trippy Londoners from 1966 but mainly Syd and the boys freaking out on their guitars. Enjoy.

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