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Forty-something hipster dudes with black plastic framed glasses (ahem) everywhere are mourning the death of Alex Chilton today. Seems appropriate that in 2010 I hear about his death through a tweet on my cell phone. A great songwriter who inspired many of the bands that are scattered throughout my i-pod, Alex Chilton's death is another one of those markers that remind us that life marches on inexorably toward death.

I can't think of a better tribute than the video above of Paul Westerberg singing Alex

Also here's a nice article about Alex Chilton.


I heard about Alex Chilton's death while watching American Idol with my mom. Talk about two different ends of the spectrum. He didn't appear to make any effort to mold himself into a sellable commodity. I gather he was a rather prickly dude in person but he sure made some memorable music. RIP, Alex Chilton.

Take care not to hurt yourself
Beware of the need for help
You might need too much
And people are such
Take care, please, take care
Some people read idea books
And some people have pretty looks
But if your eyes are wide
And all words aside
Take care, please, take care
This sounds a bit like goodbye
In a way it is I guess
As I leave your side
I've taken the air
Take care, please, take care
Take care, please, take care

--Alex Chilton

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