Confirmed! Matt's Has Best Jucy Lucy

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About a year ago I talked about how I thought Matt's Bar Jucy Lucy was the best and only Jucy Lucy in Minneapolis. Some still claim that the 5-8 Club has a better Jucy Lucy. In my mind it really comes down to style. Matt's is old school. There is only one version of a Jucy Lucy and you can order with or without onions, either raw or cooked. So basically you have three versions of the Jucy Lucy. The 5-8 Club has all kinds of Juicy Lucies, with different cheeses and different add-ons. Now this may appeal to some folks, but it isn't a true Jucy Lucy.

Finally the debate has been settled. Last night on the Travel Channel's Food Wars show, Matt's went head to head with the 5-8 Club and after a blind test taste, Matt's won. So there you have it. A reality show on a lower tier cable channel proves that Matt's Jucy Lucy is the best. Can we now end this debate.

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I miss those burgers! Having had both, I don't know if I could pick out which one was which - they were both great!


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