Oh What a Weekend



Lots going on over the last few days, let's review:

Twins sign Joe Mauer.
Eight years at $23M per year. Probably not a hometown discount but a fair deal nonetheless. Twins have proven that with their glorious new ballpark, they are willing to spend money, which some dunderheads thought wouldn't happen. After a slow start, gotta give Twins GM an A- for his off-season efforts to improve the Twins. Also open houses at Target Field have people jacked up for the Twins. Given that Wild, Twolves, Gophers are done, the field is wide open for a lot of Twins love.

Health Care. Obama has done something that has eluded Presidents since Teddy Roosevelt. In a couple of years we are going to be asking what the sturm and drang was all about regarding this debate. Fascinating politics and policy discussion for those interested in watching.

March Madness. My bracket is blown up as I had Kansas winning it all. However even before that I was in deep trouble. My upsets didn't come through and I missed the upsets that did happen. Big Ten has three teams in sweet 16 so let's put to rest the discussion that Big Ten basketball somehow isn't as good as other conferences. Also can we start calling the Big East the Big Least? Tubby went one and done again although Xavier looks like a team that could do some more damage. I was disappointed in the Gopher's season and although respect Tubby as a program coach, have some serious questions about his in game coaching decisions.

Video Stores. Our local Hollywood Video is going out of business which means we have to join the world of Netflix. It is sad because the loss of the local video store means one less place for human interaction. Invariably we would run into friends and colleagues at the Video store, can't do that on-line ordering a movie. Pretty soon the only time you come across a human will be at their funeral.

Alex Chilton. Lots of good articles if you want to search. Paul Westerberg had a nice remembrance in the New York Times. You can read it here.


Free - on the health care subject, many Republicans are coming off as redneck, racist jerks. And I wouldn't even call myself a Democrat.

I just saw a snippet of Rush Limbaugh's rant from his radio show on the NBC nightly news in which he said of Democrats: “We need to defeat these bastards. We need to wipe them out. We need to chase them out of town.”

When a Democrat says something like this, he is accused of being a traitor. If Limbaugh says it, he's a patriot.

Health Care, to me, is a moral issue. It is simply immoral to have 35 uninsured citizens in a country with as much wealth as the United States. I hope this new plan succeeds in helping those folks.

Big Ten has three in the Sweet 16, but don't forget two of those were courtesy of buzzer beaters. Let's see if they advance to the next round.

That Hollywood Video sucked anyway. No "Dexter" and ONE copy of Academy Award-winning "Hurt Locker". Lame. I agree with the sadness over the demise of the video store, tho. They're further, but try the Blockbusters at 23rd-ish and Hennepin, or at the Hub on Nicollet & 66th.

Any word on the Golden Ticket Hunt this year??

No Golden Ticket info. I'm guessing the Twins don't need to goose up interest in the team this year.


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