Sex Pistols' Last Song -- No Fun


This performance of the Iggy and the Stooges song No Fun was the last song ever performed by the Sex Pistols and it comes from the infamous 1977-78 tour of the United States.

By the time the Sex Pistols had gotten to San Francisco Johnny Rotten had had enough of the Sex Pistols, the tour, and their manager Malcolm McClure McLaren. The entire show can be seen on you tube and it's actually pretty good, but I always like this song, not only because it's the last song ever, but it totally sums up what it was like being a Sex Pistol -- No Fun.

The end has probably one the greatest kiss-offs of any lead singer to an audience: "Ah ha ha ha... ever get the feeling you've been cheated. Good Bye." And that was the end. Later, Rotten said the remark was more directed at himself than it was to the audience.

So enjoy, and if you are interested, the rest of the concert is easy to find on you tube.


Ah, that's Malcolm McLaren, free.

Dammit! I knew that. Fixed.


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