X on David Letterman

I first saw X in the summer of 1982 at the old Guthrie Theater. It was a fun show but since it was at the Guthrie, the ushers wouldn't allow anyone to get up and move, which was a bummer. The Guthrie was trying to be all cutting edge and stuff but not that cutting edge.

I first came across X in the movie Decline of Western Civilization, which chronicled the late 70's, early 80's L.A. punk scene. The interviewer asked John Doe why their songs were so dark and depressing and he responded that life is dark and depressing and it's not all fun fun fun until her daddy took her T-bird away.

This video is from the early 80's when Letterman actually had some cool bands from time to time. The first song is o.k. but the interview is funny. X then finishes with a blistering version of Breathless. Enjoy.


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