Friday Random Top 10


Thank God the Twolves season is over. Talk about a lost season. We knew they were going to be bad but they were supposed t create some hope for the future. They didn't even come close, there's even less hope. Just dreadful. We need a random top 10:

1. Dweller on the Threshold -- Van Morrison
2. Pride (in the name of Love) -- U2
3. Running Off With the Fun City Girls (demo) -- Guided By Voices
4. Iron Road -- Old 97's
5. Factory Girl -- Whiskeytown
6. I am a Pilgrim -- Johnny Cash
7. Born Under Punches (live) -- Talking Heads
8. Whatever Happened to the Girl in Me? -- Ike Reilly Assassination
9. Where the Devil Don't Stay -- Drive By Truckers
10. Dreaming -- Yo La Tengo

Bonus: Wake Up -- Arcade Fire

After a couple of weeks of snoozers, finally hit on all 8 cylinders today. What's your top 10?


1) Bring on the Nubiles – The Stranglers/No More Heroes
2) West End Blues – Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five/The Essential Louis Armstrong
3) Billy Hunt – The Jam/All Mod Cons
4) Girl Like You – Len Price 3/Rent a Crowd
5) Po’ Folks – Nappy Roots/Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz
6) Could You Be the One - Hüsker Dü/Warehouse
7) Sailor’s Life – Fairport Convention/Unhalfbricking
8) Bucky Done Gun – M.I.A./Arular
9) Sunset On The Sage – Commander Cody/Live From Deep in the Heart of Texas
10) Kentucky – Everly Brothers/Songs Our Daddy Taught Us

Bonus: Dr. Robert - The Beatles/Revolver

Those are two very good lists. Its hard to come up with a top 10 that includes all styles of music. I will have to think about it. Thanks for putting that U2 song in my head. Now I will be signing it all day.


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