Friday Random Top 10


Drill Baby Drill becomes spill baby spill which then becomes burn baby burn, then finally clean baby clean. Hey President Obama, here's some advice: If the Republicans are proposing something, run away fast in the opposite direction. Here's a top 10:

1. Mannequin's Complaint - Guided By Voices
2. Brown Sugar -- Rolling Stones
3. Stupid Bells -- The Handsome Family
4. I'll Cry Alone -- Flamin' Groovies
5. Anglepoise Lamp -- The Soft Boys
6. Shit From an Old Notebook -- Minutemen
7. If You See Her Say Hello -- Bob Dylan
8. Fuck Everything -- Jack Logan
9. I Think I'm Down -- The Harbinger Complex
10. Johnny B. Goode -- Buck Owens

Bonus: Acid Tongue -- Jenny Lewis

ah, Brown Sugar -- one of the rockingest, raunchiest songs from the Stones rocking and raunchy era. Gotta love Dylan following The Minutemen too. What's your top 10?


Phil Lynott – “The Boys Are Back In Town” Phil Lynott Live
The Clash – “I’m Not Down” London Calling
Flogging Molly – “Delilah” Alive Behind The Green Door
Hurricane Bells – “Monster” New Moon Soundtrack
Franz Ferdinand – “Tell Her Tonight” Franz Ferdinand
Blakroc – “Tellin’ Me Things” Blakroc
Oasis – “Lyla” Don’t Believe The Truth
Oasis – “Cast No Shadow” (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?
Coldplay – “Clocks” LeftRightLeftRightLeft
Sublime – “What I Got” Sublime

I love when Prezbo explains how he can understand the wiretapes by saying he used to listen to "Brown Sugar" over and over again at the highest volume.

yeah, seconded on the advice.

“Hearing Aid” – They Might Be Giants, Flood
“The Demon Power II” – Joe Hisaishi, Princess Mononoke soundtrack
“Cairo” – Geoff Downes, The World Service
“Farewell” – Tan Dun, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack
“Like Everyone She Knows” – James Taylor, New Moon Shine
“Plurnstyle”, Ozric Tentacles, Become the Other
“Temperament of Mind” – The Strawbs, Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios
“The Calling” – Ira Stein & Russel Walder, Transit
“Lucky Sevens” – The Push Stars, Paint the Town
“Zawinul/Lava” – Brian Eno, Another Green World

Enjoy your weekend!

1) Foot of Canal Street - Paul Sanchez/Big Ol' Box of New Orleans
2) Trap Doors - Broken Bells/Broken Bells
3) Pearl of the Quarter - Steely Dan/Countdown to Ecstasy
4) Ah-Leu-Cha - Miles Davis/'Round About Midnight
5) Blue Moon of Kentucky - Wanda Jackson/I Remember Elvis
6) Sidewalk Strut - Astral Project/@ Cafe Montmartre
7) Love and Romance - The Slits/Best of Peel Sessions
8) You and Your Sister - Chris Bell/Keep An Eye On The Sky
9) Shake For Me - Howlin' Wolf/Moanin' In The Moonlight
10) Black Betty - Ram Jam/That 70's Album

bonus: Ex-Girl to Next Girl - Gang Starr/Mass Appeal

Was there ever a dumber name for a band than Ram Jam?


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