Live Rust -- Cortez the Killer


Live Rust was probably one of the first "midnight movies" I ever saw and definitely kicked off my life-long love of Neil Young.

A concert film from 1978, Live Rust chronicled a Neil Young at one of his creative peaks. As he still does today, Young included an acoustic set and an electric set, this time with the added gimmick of having the acoustic set played on an extra large set so as to make it appear that Neil was quite small. In addition during some songs, the movie was presented in "rust-o-vision" which meant they put an orange screen over the film. It was a blast.

This particular video is Cortez the Killer, which of course is a great song. I love how members of Crazy Horse surround Neil as he plays, I also love that guitar playing pose Young maintains during the long guitar parts.

If you have the single CD version of Live Rust you may not know it but the CD cuts about 2 minutes from this song in order for the entire show to fit within the 74 minute limitation of a CD. For many years I always thought this song was a little short but only came across the reason why recently. Don't worry, the video above has Cortez the Killer uncut. "Plenty Bad Man."


Rust Never Sleeps era Neil was one of rock's great moments.

Don't spook the horse!

Neil is King.

I love the old school Conn Strobe Tuners set up under the drum riser- one for each string (there are two E strings)

Wow, I didn't even know this when I wrote this post. Rust Never Sleeps is playing tonight:

Sound Unseen continues its monthly screening series of films on music with Neil Young’s RUST NEVER SLEEPS at the TRYLON microcinema in Minneapolis (3258 Minnehaha Ave South) on Wednesday, April 7th at 7:30 p.m. The film documents the Neil Young & Crazy Horse performance on October 22, 1978 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco and showcases Young's work from 1967-1979.

Free - did you attend the Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann rally at the convention center today? I am sure there was some incredible insight from the two regarding the world we live in.

The End may be near....

Jeff T.

Jeff, check back tomorrow!!!!

You've gotta just love this video. One of the great concert films, featuring one of the great guitar epics performed by a very young Neil Young, already a rock-and-roll legend.

There are, floating around the net, any number of versions of this song, by Young and covers by many others, but something about this performance rings truer than all the others.

I first encountered this film in 1979, projected on a makeshift screen in a concert hall, but with a stack of PAs on either side of the stage -- their regular live show setup. The sound was full and the crowd if Neil were actually standing there, on stage. In fact, it was a better concert experience than half the bands I ever saw in that hall.

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