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I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to see the Meat Puppets so I headed on down to the 400 Bar this weekend and re-lived some of my 20-something years. I had seen the Meat Puppets twice, once in 1984 at Duffy's when they were still pretty much a punk outfit and then in 1988 (or 1989) when their concerts were face shredding rock shows (here's a downloadable concert from that era). Now some 20 years later, would they still bring the rock or would too many years and too many drugs sap the Meat Puppets of what made them so cool to begin with?

Curt and Chris Jammin' to Up On the Sun

I am happy to say that the Meat Puppets can still throw down. I was constantly amazed that a three member band could make so much noise. Curt Kirkwood still has those stringy vocals and plays a loud guitar while his brother Chris is just as freaky as ever on the bass. One of my favorite early moments was during Up On the Sun. They start out pretty straight but then at the end it's just wild guitar loops and feedback. Now that was cool enough, but every so often Chris would saunter on over to the mic and yelp. It was amazing and just blew me away.

(O.k. here's an aside about modern technology. If you are going to go to a concert, zoo, dance recital, baseball game whatever and plan on taking video, make sure your camera is charged up! I was taping the aforementioned song, when 2 minutes into it my camera's batteries died. So I have Up On The Sun taped, but only the mellow first half and not the freaky second half. I was able to coax a few more pictures out of the camera, but there was never enough juice to tape anything. Sorry).

The one great thing about a Meat Puppets concert is that you never know what you are going to get in the later half. Same deal Friday night. Besides all the Meat Puppet favorites we also got How Great Thou Art, A Closer Walk with Thee oh and Greg Norton (late of Husker Du) playing bass on Tomorrow Never Knows. How cool is that?!? There were a few other wacky covers in there too, but my mind is a little foggy from the vodka.

Yep that's Greg Norton playing bass on Tomorrow Never Knows

All and all a great time, and a great band. I am glad that the Meat Puppets are "too high to die" and still making fun music some 25 years after I first came across them.


Greg Norton looks like he has put on a few pounds.

But then again, who hasn't.

It's some kind of cazy miracle that Chris Kirkwood is upright and strumming.

Really didn't he get shot in the stomach in a bad drug deal or store robbery or something?

I don't remember the details but I read that he was pretty far gone for quite a few years. I'm glad he seems to have gotten it under control. He must have one of those Keith Richards constitutions.

This is from Wikipedia:

"Bassist Cris was arrested in December 2003 for attacking a security guard at the main post office in downtown Phoenix, AZ with the guard's baton. The guard shot Kirkwood in the stomach at least twice during the melee, causing serious gunshot injuries requiring major surgery. Kirkwood was subsequently denied bail, the judge citing Kirkwood's previous drug arrests and probation violations. He eventually went to prison at the Arizona state prison in Florence, Arizona for felony assault. He was released in July 2005."

Loved the review of one of my favorite bands and did a shout-out to your great blog! You even inspired me to create a new feature at Pop Culture Lunch Box that sends a little love to great hidden-gem Web sites. Cheers, Paul


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