Friday Random Top 10


757s at Sauce (Lake and Lyndale) tonight. Who's going? How about a random top 10 for this rainy Friday.

1. Parties in the U.S.A. -- Jonathan Richman
2. With God on our Side -- Bob Dylan
3. She's Just a Girl -- Devo
4. Greenface -- Guided By Voices
5. Lust for Life -- Iggy Pop
6. Lip Up Fatty -- Bad Manners
7. Mary Jane -- The Vines
8. Trilogy: Z) Eliminator Jr. -- Sonic Youth
9. Child of the Moon -- Yung Wu
10. All I Need -- Radiohead

Bonus: Revolution Rock -- The Clash

Who thought that first song was going to be by Miley Cyrus? Ha! That Yung Wu album as one of the greatest off shoot albums of all time. What's your top 10?


“Honeymoon on Mars” - Be Bop Deluxe, Modern Music
“Roll the Bones” – Rush, Roll the Bones
“Trinka” – Greg Howe, Hyperacuity
“Waste” – Smash Mouth, All Star Smash Hits
“Power” – Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Eternal Dance
“Regret” – New Order, Singles
“The Fez” – Steely Dan, Citizen Steely Dan
“Nastymachine” – Marty Friedman, Music for Speeding
“Eyes of the Girl” – Wang Chung, Mosaic
“Love” – The Sundays, Blind

1) Easy Ride – Relatively Clean Rivers/Relatively Clean Rivers
2) Overnight Lows – Peter Wolf/Midnight Souvenirs
3) 2120 South Michigan Avenue – The Rolling Stones/Chicago Chess Sessions
4) I Got Mine – Kermit Ruffins – Livin’ a Treme Life
5) La Paloma – Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express/Turn the Pigeons Loose
6) He’s a Reptile – The Soft Boys/Underwater Moonlight
7) Season Cycle – XTC/Skylarking
8) North Dakota – Lyle Lovett/Joshua Judges Ruth
9) Sugarlight – X/Los Angeles
10) Harvester of Eyes – Blue Oyster Cult/Essential …

Bonus: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Dexter Gordon/Gotham City


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