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Friday Random Top 10


O.k. Timberwolves what is your plan? Did your team get better last night? Why should I care about this team? Here's a top 10?

1. No Wrong No Right -- Soundgarden
2. Fair Touching -- Guided By Voices
3. 100% of Nothing -- Meat Puppets
4. Standing by the Sea -- Husker Du
5. Cumberland Blues -- Grateful Dead
6. Queen's Tattoos -- Aztec Camera
7. All I Want -- Offspring
8. Heaven and Hell -- The Who
9. Gutless -- Hole
10. Television -- Bad Religion

Bonus: H-O-M-E -- Guided By Voices

Wow that was a heavy set there. What's your top 10?

World Cup Fever

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I will never get tired of watching that goal. The outlet pass from Tim Howard was amazing. This right here is why a 1-0 game can be real exciting.

Friday Random Top 10


Europe not looking so hot in World Cup action. South America is. Should be a great two weeks. Here's a random top 10:

1. Love For Tender (Demo) -- Elvis Costello
2. The Wreck on the Highway -- The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
3. Oceans -- Gary Numan
4. Strawberry Fields Forever -- The Beatles
5. Lazy Days of Summer -- Nat King Cole
6. Johnny Be Goode -- Jimi Hendrix
7. Girl of My Dreams -- Beck
8. What Led Me to this Town -- The Jayhawks
9. Frankie -- Mississippi John Hurt
10. Rev It Up -- Fred Eaglesmith

Bonus: Emily Shore 1819-1839 -- The Handsome Family

That Handsome Family selection is the definitive "pioneer girl dies of TB" song you will ever find. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10


If a guy named Wilson Betemit can hit 2 homeruns at Target Field, surely some Twins other than Jason Kubel could do the same. How about a random top 10 for this stormy day?

1. Lovers of Today -- The Pretenders
2. Opposite Direction -- Jack Logan
3. House Carpenter -- The Handsome Family
4. In the Morning of the Magicians -- Flaming Lips
5. Unspirited -- Guided By Voices
6. A Song For You -- Gram Parsons
7. Army Ants -- Tom Waits
8. I Don't Want You -- The Blasters
9. Shirley MacLaine -- The 757s
10. Ridin' High -- The Gamins

Bonus: Starship -- MC5

O.k. Pretty obscure today. Hopefully I'll start blogging on a more regular basis next week. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10


Why can't MLB just put in the record books that Galarraga pitched a perfect game with an asterisk about the umps blown call? Leave the box score alone.

1. Mr. Pleasant -- The Kinks
2. Never Talking to You Again -- Husker Du
3. Sopor Joe -- Guided By Voices
4. Always on the Outside -- The 757s
5. Wayfaring Stranger -- Johnny Cash
6. Airlane -- Gary Numan
7. Knee Deep in the Blues -- International Submarine Band
8. To be a Killer -- Wes Houston
9. Teenagers -- Meat Puppets
10. Living With War -- Neil Young

Devil Doll -- Roy Orbison

Bit of a mix here, but lots of old school. What's your top 10?

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